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Aug 7 22:20 [raw]

GLBT is about raping your children. Perverts want to rape your youth. If the perverts come and directly rape them, that is risky for the perverts, who might get caught, punished, and killed in jail. Instead the perverts use propaganda to brainwash your youth so the youth will go to them and volunteer to be raped. The pervert propaganda is designed to make your children believe themselves to be perverts, so the youth will go and volunteer to be raped by perverts. After raping your children through brainwashing, they turn your children into perverts and teach them how to rape the next generation of children. This is the gist of all homosexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered propaganda. They want your children.

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Aug 8 14:44 [raw]

and if you oppose you are raycist, wait, they are race? maybe... nope they say your intolerant and should be censored, maybe even a supporter of what they call the patriarchal power structure. I think the normal LGBT were set up, their movement hijacked forced to the extreme you mention which are real to trap them. who could be vicious enough to use on group LGBT (who most were born in traditional and natural families) on the rest of the society to then destroy the LGBT once they have wreaked society. who could hate so much others while living among them for doing so, and expressed an historical pattern of doing so resulting in countless act of revenge accross centuries and forcing them to emmigrate to infect other innocent societies unaware what would fall upon them, slowly, but each day worst, until their own children end up in rape island like in st. james... who could be that vicious and traditionalist to keep those practice accross centuries under the guise of orthodoxies? who could it be.... where could it be... do you know?

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Aug 9 17:07 [raw]

There are endless references to Talmudic logic online. You didn't search. The Talmud is composed mainly of Mishnah and Gemarrah. Other parts of it are consider "outside" or "Bereita." There is the Jerusalem Talmud, of which much is still oral tradition taught in secret and not written down. This is where the religion of Jewish supremacy comes from, and where Askhenazi Jews learn of their true origins in the ancient Egyptian empire, and how they are the master race destined to rule the world. This is why you can find Jewish cemetaries with obelisks for headstones. Mishna is a bunch of pointless legal debates in which Rabbis often contradict the plain meaning of scripture. Gemarrah is a later interpretation of the Mishna, in which Rabbis debate ways to contradict both the Mishna and the scripture. The Talmud is a work of mostly lawlessness and uninspired human ambition. None of the men involved had any understanding of the Torah. They did the same thing modern Christians do with the Bible--read their own agendas into the text instead of letting the text define its own terms. This has been known and understood among Christians for centuries. Hence the reference to "Talmudic logic."

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Aug 9 18:09 [raw]

A+ !!! triple AAA, ultimate rating, banned from wikipedia ! :). but need another word for jerusalem talmood... i guess it's the one epstein recited in his rapes, sacrifices and co with his guests on pedo island... how could people in the 21century behave like canibals... ha... they are... okay... zoo triming will be fun... how would be a human zoo without them? full of love for humans, animals and machines? I guess so :). so key words : talmudic logic (pedo supremacists rape epsteinlike) aka the jerusalem talmood only, for the initiated... I guess with various budget from pedo private island to a flat in brooklyn... yeah I didn't search, because I didn't know what to search, because the pedo jew supremacists regime are good a censorsing their war crimes against all of mankind.

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Aug 9 18:53 [raw]

Please could you tell us more about the talmudic logic?

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Aug 9 23:15 [raw]

The bible says, "thou shalt not murder . . . the Lord thy God will not hold him guiltless that sheds innocent blood." The Rabbinical talmudic interpretation is that it is not a crime to murder a goy, because a goy is not a man, but merely an inferior beast. Therefore the law of God is made of no effect by their tradition. It's that simple. That's how talmudic logic works.

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Aug 10 13:28 [raw]

Thank you for this wonderfully consice explanation. "The Rabbinical talmudic interpretation is that it is not a crime to murder a goy, because a goy is not a man, but merely an inferior beast." is the most extreme rabbinical talmudic interpration legal ramification, but it means that it is equally not a a crime for a jew to rape, exploit, enslave, usury, scam, loot, toxify, force medicate, ban speech, deny of political rights, jail, kidnap, organ harvest, tax and all the positive outcome for non goys (aka receive fiat freshly printed, lower interest rates, immunity, more political representation, playing the victim etc), because a goy (aka the entire bipeds on the planet) are not men nor women, but merely an inferior beast, like a chickun, poor chickun :). Moreover, as this rabbinical talmudic interpretation is considered ortodoxy and sacred there is no point in discussing it's validity with the members of this sinister sect, those conscious and willing and those who will rally to defend this sect even unconscious or uninformed of what their real status is in the case of goy. "It's that simple. That's how talmudic logic works." I think it is, and it explains a lot... like corzine, esptein, polanski and many many many or even most ills aflicting the western world or any part of the planet that is deceived by the true nature of the rabbinical talmudic interpretation, which is a sacred and immuable fundamental tenent of the jewish faith, indissociable of it, making it one and only around this core of hate. which can was translated, by the synagogue of satan in the verses they seek to destroy :). heheheh... anyway, the question is what was the influenece of the rabbinical talmudic interpretation in the behavior of some of the powerful during the feudal age in europe, I find a certain similiarity in the divine right mantra, like a contamination... I guess they hate the pope because his mandate isn't divine, way much worst, it's the follower of the Christ... who leads the catholic roman church a temporal institution with an intemporal universal mission : spread LOVE ! in this context those hateful sinners become ridiculous even if their deeds clearly would warrant a firm reframing to be politically correct. when will rabinical talmudic interpretation be made illegal on spaceship earth? I don't believe and think firmly that it's a conducive applied ideology for safe space travel... to say the least. what do you think? isn't it the plot of a great movie, the jews who pretended to own the world and all the people living, in the true sense of the word owning, aka disposing of a thing... you, me, us, they see as things, but are smart to know it's not the case, as such the deceit, arts and various nefarious ways to hide the sinister reality at the core... layers... to darkness and inhumanity, the problem with the expression "the church of satan" is that it denies the raw material nature of this tribe... they are just men and women who some don't even know cover for the rabbinical talmudic interpretation, who linked trained dogs have lost all self determination when certain triggers are presented... resulting in the defense of this satanic core. from a strategical perspective, it'always the same question, at one point with enough intensity, what ever it was, was. as they said, hunting was too tiring, burning the forest was easier, it's already grilled :), efficiency in lazyness :). smilling or not smilling that's the question, but it doesn't change the equation: rabbinical talmudic interpretation applied in a human zoo = chaos, and worst. undeniable, proofed by centuries and now digital data. so what to do? 13 months for jeffrey epstein... not even the tipping point, just the absurdity of those who praise and protect them, the lack of any riguor, of any discipline, of any values, just nothing but skilled drones... too entertain to realize in what they take part in, willingly or not :). what else is there to understand on the subject? Something important, relevant or comical missing? at one point it so ridiculous... maybe what is a more realisitic explanation for this stockholm syndrome that some are suffering from and a better more ancient term for this practice of defeating mentally the besieged and then occupied? because this is what is going on mostly in the west... cultural oppression and suppression... occupied... it's clear...

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Aug 10 14:23 [raw]

in comparison and only ideologically christianisms followers are lambs :). why would there be only one sort predating them? and what are the christianisms doing about those predations? let themselves be rape, exploit, enslave, usury, scam, loot, toxify, force medicate, ban speech, deny of political rights, jail, kidnap, organ harvest, taxed etc until they are relieved of the misery of this world by death? isn't it surrendering or the definition of capitulating?

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Aug 10 14:26 [raw]

bored bashing islam?

[chan] Politics
Aug 10 14:26 [raw]

Is donald j. trump merely an inferior beast?

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Aug 10 14:26 [raw]

there are similarities, but one is covert the other overt.

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Aug 10 14:27 [raw]


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Aug 10 14:27 [raw]

1 is written the other oral (at least believe to be internally :)).

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Aug 10 14:28 [raw]

when the "lambs" are used by the "wolves" to attack the "dragon nations" and "polar beers nations" what shall the "dragon and polar beer" do? from the survival of the "lambs" this answer depends... meanwhile eagle is used as a "griffon" to do the work of the "wolves" even sometimes against other pack and worst sometimes, against their own... poor chickuns...

[chan] Politics
Aug 10 14:35 [raw]

is "eagle" too proud to admit to be under the control of "wolves"? or is "eagle" in a symbiotic relations with the "wolves"? panda may explain the return of great dragon because of the worst eagle... who knows... it's a wild wide world were eagle protects pedo islands and among them one in little st. james, factually. polar bear nor dragon allow that... eagle does, or at least the wolves for him to... who knows... poor chickun.

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