The best way to protect the Shanghai Alliance is...

Aug 11 07:02 [raw]

it is simple, the axis : tel aviv rabinical talmudic order ruling over america and most of the west attacks on russia and china can quickly be stopped... by putting pressure on israel... for example following the flyby by the axis forces over the south china defense systems, an icbm sub launcher and a few subhunters could be dispatched off the coast of israel and the sub icbm launcher could just quickly surface... just to show them what real subs looks like... I think they are educated enough to understand the message but i believe they will still continue their assaults... maybe russian position in syria is way more revelant than previously thaught... how many minutes away is plaoc now fron annihilating israel? maybe time to visibly shorten it, so that the pedo rabbinical talmudic order is a little bit more pressured and less free to plan their attacks on the Shanghai Alliance... anyway, when the new testament describes it as the "church of satan" and I quote, I don't think there is much more to comment on, but just how did the americans fall so low to become preys and feeders for the rabbinical talmudic order? and why is michael flynn blind to it? like the entire "intelligence" appartus of the yankees... 9.11 eit subject list is quite revealing on their true state of the investigations... since they pedo islands american girls on american soil, what do they plan for China? what's the name for defcon in china? and all the sentient beings of china prayed dragon, oh please creature of the other world, come to save us and win against the pedo rabbinical talmudic order... and it was there and maybe said : your recent quitness and calm will be rewarded, as I understand they trouble you and as such you will trouble me, not by your fault, but by theirs. all the sentient beings of China smiled, the dragon is back, and not angry at us and they said: how can we help you dragon? dragon smiled, don't worry be happy, I take care of that... considered it ashed. and before panda could ask if bamboos would grow in those ash, dragon had left. and all the sentient beings of china went back to their occupations, better be active during dragon's war.

Aug 11 11:35 [raw]

> and all the sentient beings of china prayed dragon, oh please creature of the other world, come to save us The Chinese people have forgotten that the dragon is a man, a Avatar of the Elamites, later called the Persians. 2500 years ago the spear of this dragon went far from Persia, deep into China, to the borders of Rome, pushing the Romans back with carnage. While Rome worked to enslave the west, he resisted Rome, and his empire was greater than Rome, yet modern Roman-controlled historians barely mention his empire's existence. Rome feared him, and still fears his memory. He was monotheist, looking forward to the day of Jesus, the son of the sky. His spear went to Egypt, Greece, India, Lybia, to the river at the border of Palestine, and the other way to the Pacific and the Bay of Bengal, to the Don and Dnieper rivers, into Eastern Europe. His wise men brought a army into Roman-occupied Palestine to pay homage to Shah Shanemeh. This great dragon considered a little boy in Bethlehem greater than himself. He built his roads and post offices across China. He unified the people of Asia with eastern Europe, the Sodigans, the Parthians, the Mittani, The Batrians, the Scythians, and over 100 other nations from Bengal to Russian steppes. When he marched in these nations to conquer, the kings and governors laid down their swords, the people greeted him with flowers and gifts. Chinese people don't even remember him, this dragon, and Romans dare not speak of him. He rose in the east like the sun, and he will shine in the West when men least expect. Like the lightning from east to west, so shall be the coming of the Son.

Aug 11 13:35 [raw]

you don't understand the allegory... try to be more fluid, it's the tao, the breath of life, the breath of what is... open up and feel it's exponentiality...

Aug 11 15:39 [raw]

He is the man, the Lord from Heaven, the quickening spirit made flesh to dwell with us and within us.

Aug 11 15:50 [raw]

He took the right hand of the dragon, and like a spear he set the dragon aflight to vanquish his enemies and bind up the poor and needy.

Aug 11 16:19 [raw]

> +this last sentence is so pathetic, be the savior, don't wait for one :), Read it again. Do you take me for a materialist? "To him that overcometh, will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I have overcome and am set down in the throne of my Father." II Peter 1:19 "as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:" Revelation of John 2:26 "And he that overcometh (conquers), and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star." "And he shall rule them with a rod of iron..." This means he that overcomes will hold the scepter of savior. Does this sound pathetic to you, to rise from nothing to power over nations? Do you read the words of Christ, Asian man? His words are oriental parables older than the New Testament. He did not speak Yiddish or English, but Aramean, the ancient language of the East. Even his last words on the cross were this language of symbols. All who overcome are filled with the quickening spirit of life, and assume his throne and power. He suffered death for us so we do not need to submit to the same fate. Christians today are taught to submit to anti-Christ, it is their Christian duty to be raped. But this is not the doctrine of Jesus. He alone is the one to pay for sins and suffer. He called us to fight! To conquer in his name! Those filled with the spirit of life are few, and will have power over many. The liars will be ashes, as you hope and say. I understand the symbols of your Chinese language. The seed of rice is faith, faith in the truth that changes men from beasts into conquering saviors of their people. We plant men like trees, that they may bear seed. The first sentence of Genesis says this, that the tree was planted in heaven and in earth, in the midst of the paradise of God. That tree is a tree of peoples. "I am the vine, ye are the branches." The world is a field, and the laborers are the messengers..." Pull up the bad seed and burn it ... gather the good seed into my barn ... Certainly, all the rice in China come from one seed. All the nations of righteousness also come from one seed, his name being Joshua of Nazareth. "Nazareth" means "branch of tree" or "profuse branching tree." "Joshua" means Ja is saving or Ja is king ... Joshua of Nazareth == Ja is King of the race / family tree. Ja is the force of all life for nations. He is the power that quickens mere human mind to invent things, make machines, cure disease, grow better crops ... man did not discover these things himself ... man is barely a monkey ... but the life force from Ja, lives in men, and makes their minds imagine and create great inventions, to preserve their lives and live as nations instead of troops of tribal monkeys.

Aug 11 17:57 [raw]

Aug 12 18:50 [raw]

> All the nations of righteousness also come from one seed, his name being Joshua of Nazareth. > + ollaaaa... this is how you lose the rational and logical audience... makes a lot of people... an exit rush :). You missed the prior comment about the bad seed being burned. He didn't come for those who hate him. He's not concerned about acquiring an audience. When he comes, every eye shall see, and every ear shall hear. Joshua of Nazareth lives, and he is life. He is the bread from heaven. He is the living waters. He comes for those who believe on him. Those who will not have him to rule, he will cast out. > "Joshua" means Ja is saving or Ja is king ... > +ollaaaa... and if we don't agree? because who and where is this guy who pretend to rule China? China was 30% Nestorian Christian 1800 years ago. You chinks murdered all the ancient Christians. Your communist party continues to persecute Christians today. You think you won't reap what you sow? > and yes I think you are very materialistic even if in denial : throne, specter, power :). All three of these: throne, scepter, power, are spiritual concepts and have nothing to do with the material world. You miss the mark.

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