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LOOGIEPRESS: the leftist media; the anglo-zionist media; the deep state slander machine which spits lies all over the face of the people. The loogiepress spits on the truth. The loogiepress spits on the cross. The loogiepress spits on Christians. The loogiepress spits on nationalists. The loogiepress spits its bile upon its victims. __ From German, "lugenpresse," meaning "lying press" and American, "loogie" a ball of spit or phlegm. __ The leftist / neocon / zionist / globalist press are a cabal of liars who spit on everything virtuous, pure, and true. __ The press should never be referred to or mentioned except in derogatory terms. __ It is incorrect to call the media the "mainstream media." It is "marxist media" or "mucus media." There's nothing mainstream about it. __ It should never be called singly as "press" or "media" rather always with a pejorative adjective attached, without exception. __ In chanospheres we could refer to the press, online and in print as "loogiepress" and broadcast media as "mucoid media."

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