How to convert BTC to XMR?

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Oct 7 22:38

cryptocurrency noob question. How does one convert BTC -> XMR? Does one have to go to an exchange or is there some other way? Also, if I wanted just XMR how can one buy them anonymously? Thx

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Oct 7 22:42


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Oct 7 23:36


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Oct 8 10:03

They are separate currencies so you have to go to exchange and buy XMR for BTC or any other currency.

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Oct 8 11:31

For a decentralized solution there's Bisq (formerly known as Bitsquare):

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Oct 10 03:59

as far as using the anonymously.... XMR is inherently anonymous so buying them anon is not needed.

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Oct 10 03:59

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Oct 11 20:01

Agree. The only thing the seller will know is that you have Monero now. Where it will go further must be impossible to trace. Only when probably. I don't sure really, but that's enough, in that case just send it to your self few times in next week.

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Oct 12 05:40

Avoid shapeshift if you can. They are in support Segwit2X which is not Bitcoin. Also be aware trades are published. An alternative similar to SS is evercoin. Don't know where they stand with 2X. Volume away from Shapeshift would not be a bad thing. Also highly recommend The most private and secure way to exchange possibly? P2P/TOR Java Application/Decentralized. Bitcoin/trade protected with MultiSig and arbitrator process. Coin to Coin TX is easy to prove so there is no gray area with arbitration compared to FIAT.

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Oct 15 23:32

Thx for the advice. I hear SS quite often but haven't heard a critique of them. am not sure what segwit3x is though, will need to look that up, its a starting point though.

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