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PERVERT ALERT!!! The unbiblical Catholic doctrine of celibacy has caused major problems within the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic church is a cesspool of homosexual perverts and pedophiles. Pedophilia and homosexuality are inseparable (as many as 50% of all Catholic priests are allegedly homosexual). Whereas the average U.S. citizen would spend life in prison for committing the same sexual crimes as literally thousands of Roman Catholic priests, guilty priests are virtually untouchable. Instead the pervert pedophile priests are relocated, sheltered or retired by the Vatican, but hardly ever prosecuted by local authorities as they should be. Satan controls and protects the prisonhouse of perverted pedophile priests in Catholicism! Sad to say, the Catholic Church is able to hide the grossest of sins (over 12,000 allegations of criminal sexual conduct since 1950). That is alarming!!! There's no difference between Mormonism's Warren Jeffs and the Catholic Pope, who both cover-up the crimes. Why are Catholics so trusting toward their priests, knowing that there's an epidemic of child molesting within the Catholic Church? They are so blinded by religion that they don't even care about their own children. Religion is a dangerous thing. Don't leave your brain at the baptistry! Unbeknownst to most, the Catholic Church was the biggest supporter of Hitler's war machine and the extermination of millions of Jews during WW2. John 8:26, “I have many things to say and to judge of you...” —Jesus Christ

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