The push to illiminate anonymity on the web

[chan] G3N3R@L
Apr 17 03:16 [raw]

It's pretty clear to anyone paying attention that the corporations have sold us out. But it's worse than that. We use them willingly, and they continue to take steps further. 1) The desire to put "it all on the blockchain". That's right. You're PMs, love letters, health data, eating data, viewing habbits. PUT it ALL on the irreversable forever logging blockchain. What a perversion of technology. The blockchain was meant to be a public ledger for cryptocurrency transparency NOT a place to store your most intimate thoughts. But corporatons LOVE them some Blockchain. NASDAQ can't get enough of the buzzword, all the while lying to stupid investors about how private it is. ( 2) WebAuthn. You can forget throwaways after that folks. It's all "Trusted Identities in Cyberspace" from here on out. You posting anonymously? You a darn terrorist - SHADOWBANNED! We'll need a facial scan or fingerprint to authorize you. It'll be as painless as "reCaptcha" - Trust Us! summarizes it well: "Now that basically every recent smartphone is equipped with at least one kind of biometric sensor— fingerprint-readers, facial recognition software in the cameras — the time is finally ripe..." You can thank our dear overlords Microsoft, Mozilla, and Google for that one. But then again, there's no one else to blame but ourselves. Why do we centralize the web behind services like CloudFlare (Google reCaptcha) voluntarily? Why do we continue to support businesses that carelessly force this upon us? Webmasters and users are both to blame.

[chan] G3N3R@L
Apr 17 19:58 [raw]

You can thank all the people for rejecting Christ Jesus and his golden rule of love thy neighbor as theyself, making themselves devoid of the holy spirit and bereft of discernment. Corporations and governments are just a reflection of the spiritual poverty and blindness of a wicked people.

[chan] G3N3R@L

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