Jan 5 22:19 [raw]

Hi, I would like to introduce my project to you. I'm currently working on a new implementation of the Cryptophon. [Yes, the one Tron ( ) made!]. But with state-of-the-art tech and without being centered on ISDN lines. To differenciate it, I gave it a different Name: Cryptofon. In fact, it's centered around 2400bit/s narrowband lines - so it would even work with acoustic couplers on bad payphones... The project mainly focuses on driving forward a manufacturer-independent, open specification, which will require manufacturers using it to offer significant transparency and support - in contrast to GSM crypto, which was designed by the GCHQ in order to make mass surveilliance easy. Anyway, it's designed to be versioned and therefore support multiple algorithms, like One Time Pad [using an encrypted keyfile] and AES-256, as well as different Vocoders [Codec2 @ 1200bit/s as default] and Payloads [like SMS, Short Burst Data, Binary Data Transfer and EIA-485 passtrough]... Github: Feedback of the current proposed Standard is aprecciated. QRT, Kev

Jan 5 22:23 [raw]

God bless you, you sweet kind man.

Jan 6 00:00 [raw]

I suggested to kev we could re-use the open-hardware open-core "hardened end-point" designed for BitMessage to implement Cryptofon in good conditions.

Jan 6 00:52 [raw]

This repository is empty.

Jan 6 07:49 [raw]

2400 bps is kewl

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