This guy who says Directed Energy Weapons (And Psychotronic weapons don't exist).

Jul 8 09:48 [raw]

Those who deny most those directed energu weapons attacks are those who are using them to blackmail and persecute people cowardly. Crypto-Fascistes. Those who deny psychotronic weapons (Mind control weapons) like MK ULtra, hypnosis and so one are those who use it to trigger & plan most of known terror attacks worldwide to justify mass surveillance, fascism and cyber-fascism. But yes, definitely, this guy is completely under-educated. There has been an international arm race between super-powers on such technologies for about 70 years. They are publicaly sold on all armament forums like Eurosatory. Stman.

Jul 8 20:44 [raw]

And your evidence is ..........

Jul 8 21:25 [raw]

Jul 9 09:34 [raw]

Evidence : All the bad things YOU are doing with these weapons : You will be judged for crime against humanity. PS : During my French Military Service, I had access to secret documents taking about these weapons that are also publicaly exposed in all armament gathering like Eurosatory.

Jul 9 10:46 [raw]

Notice the subject line: "This guy who says Directed Energy Weapons (And Psychotronic weapons don't exist)." Nobody said that. So you think I am a French Legionnaire using directed energy weapons. Okee-dokee. I think I'll use a French toilet to waterboard Mr. Hamburgler's head.

Jul 9 12:43 [raw]

Mr. Hamburgler here: Stop trashing my good name. I will rustle your beefs, Mon Kepi.

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