join the antifa

Jan 10 16:07 [raw]

join the antifa help us pound the shit out of nazis you're either with us and with free speech or we'll beat you with bricks down with all Nazi motherfuckers

Jan 10 18:14 [raw]

Go to work. In antifa most people are unemployed. ROTFL

Jan 10 19:22 [raw]

The antifa are extremely violent thugs who assault innocent people they don't like. They are vitriolic and full of hate. The anti-fascists are the real fascists.

Jan 11 03:49 [raw]

huh ... so you are a suicide cult?

Jan 11 08:12 [raw]

I realize that this is probably a troll digging for lulz but... >you're either with us and with free speech this is actually how many of them think. >conform to our one brand of free speech where subjective gender pronouns are mandatory >or we'll beat you with bricks When all this shit started popping up, I had assumed it was A-grade satire. And then two years later...

Jan 11 09:12 [raw]

Nazis who don't bow before the transhumanist gender binary pole smoking deities must be crushed under antifa bootheels.

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