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Looks pretty cool. I've thought a lot about doing something similar. When I get a dedicated server setup, I might run an instance for myself. Personally, I'd like it if Bitmessage was properly separated into Daemon and UI. A proper Web-facing Bitmessage instance could then be created where the PoW is done client-side in Web Assembly or something. There's still the moderation problem though - I imagine a lot of people would abuse that. I've proposed the idea of (a very expensive) PoW as Identity before which I think might partially mitigate this. For example, Identity = 2hr average to generate (set by board would be best), post = 30secs. That way, identities that spam can be easily blacklisted.

Mar 14 08:25 [raw]

> Identity = 2hr average to generate (set by board would be best), post = 30secs. Thought the same thing. Make identities very expensive. I think posts should be more expensive, more along the lines of 240 seconds (15 msgs/hr) avg pow. This does a few things: 1. Makes spamming difficult without highly expensive infrastructure. 2. Reduces flippant remarks that don't contribute to discussion. 3. Requires users to stay connected and service the network longer for their own messages to be sent. If you post avg of 45 msgs / day you would need to service the network 3 hrs / day to get your msgs out. Only a very tiny percentage of message board users post even close to that rate.

Mar 14 09:04 [raw]

Identities could be a little less expensive on first run, if PoW time between posts for a new identity is longer. A new identity could require 30 minutes PoW between posts, until the PoW is done to verify the identity a couple or more hours later, then the threshhold between posts could be lowered to 240 minutes. Bitmessage could require the same right now with chans, simply by raising demanded difficulty and message size by 15x.

Mar 14 09:58 [raw]

> 240 minutes. 240 seconds

Mar 14 11:48 [raw]

Well, that's a good thing to have such contributions. I would love too to have BitMessage implemented with a daemon and a separated UI. I guess Peter Surda will read these lines : For the BitMessage Secure Station project, which I am working on (Project paused currently due to the fact that I have not finished my complain at the European Commission for my famous Cartel case against Amazon & co) is indeed a double processor secure architecture, where BitMessage code is split into two part : A non secure world, and a secure world. It would have been very handy for me to have BitMessage already split into two parts, But if you are in this mindset, then, split it into 3 parts : - A first part handling the communication (Transmission/reception) of objects into the BitMessage P2P network, and of course storing them in a local database. - A second part handling decyphering received messages, either for person-2-person, or channels, including the cyphering of new ones, with the PoW thing. - A third part managing the UI. All these 3 parts communication through a PIPE or internal socket. This way, for the BitMessage Secure Station, I would just have to have the first one running on the first RAspberry pi, non secure, exposed to the internet. The second and the third would be running on the second raspberry pi, secure, not connected to the internet directely, but connected to the first one through a dedicaded SPI port and a custom side-channel safe protocol. Kind regards, Stman

Mar 15 07:52 [raw]

>A new identity could require 30 minutes PoW between posts I guess, realistically, once we bring in the concept of Expensive Identities we could create rules like this. I wouldn't have this value fixed necessarily. Dynamically adjusted perhaps on a per-chan basis. For example, within a certain time window, the post PoW becomes more and more expensive, perhaps even after a threshold of posts. E.g. more than three posts within half hour and the PoW doubles, then doubles again, etc. But the main intention here is to make boards easy to moderate, particularly if they're public-facing. For example, if I hosted and allowed others to be able to post via my identity on, there shouldn't be an expensive PoW per post. There also needs to be a "revoke" command so that front-facing nodes can request removal of a post that its moderators deemed unacceptable. Other clients/nodes should be able to choose whether they will abide by this revokation. This would actually make an excellent platform for leaks.

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