Crypto-Anarchist tip to escape state sandboxing of your internet access when installing new software or doing fresh installs of OS's from ISO disk images downloaded from the internet

Feb 28 15:25 [raw]

Dear comrades, As many of you know it already, I am being targeted both as a Crypto-Anarchist and because of the huge Antitrust complain I am depositing at the European Commission against a transnational illegal cartel of E-Commerce websites and Postal Operators, Amazon being ahead at the cartel, operating in 8 countries where corrupted feds from those 8 countries are targetting me. Due to this difficult personnal situation, I am targeted as hell by at least 8 corrupted agents from at least 8 spying agencies. Last week, I finaly manage to proove something I was suspecting for now more than one year : ALL THE INTERNET accesses at my disposal, or at my family disposal, are all "Sandboxed" by the french state. This sandboxing is redirecting all my family internet trafic through secret services routers/filters, and they alter at will my "perception of the internet". I discovered it thank to some bugs in their system leading to strange behaviors of some websites, like twitter, were their system failed to stay coherent and I manage to see several differences when using Tor or not on several computers at the same time. Same, I managed to notice strange behaviors with all my email accounts. My lastest discovery is concerning all the executable download I am doing to install fresh OS versions of all kinds (Linux, Mac OS, windows) but also when downloading security tools... Last week, I had decided to reinstall my Linux server that is holding my personnal DNS server and several other services for the Crypto-Anarchist Federation, as long as a huy I later identified as a french spy spy managed to have physical access to my server during a party at my home, and by that time I had ask him to install a few things I was not enough skilled myself to di it right. I decided to reinstall this whole server as long as I had discovered, a few month after this event, that he was a french spy. But when I tried to download fresh installer for the lastest Debian Stretch versions, I ended with a corrupted installation of Debian stretch with all the Aptitude packages signature checking mecanisms completely disabled and fuck up deeply in the system. GPG was impacted too, and fucked up too, and several other services where also damaged so that Aptitude would not verify the signatures of new downloaded packages. I have tried for more than a week to fix this problem, checking on the internet on several Debian Forums where other guys where reporting the same problem. After getting mad for more than a week to manually fix all that was broken in this fresh install, doing at least 50 different installs and tries, I gave up, and concluded something was wrong with the ISO disk images of debian I was downloading. As a fight back, I went to the house of several hacker friends, but also went in different hackerspaces to get Debian install ISO from other folks and to compare the SHA512 with the ones I was getting from my personnal internet acces. And I was right to do this : I discovered that the french state, in his "sandboxing" of my internet accesses, was offreing me a fake Debian website, where everything was smartly corrupted, including the SHA512 and the GPG signatures of those ISO images. Motherfucking bastards I said to myself ! After finaly getting clean ISO images, I managed to reinstal my Debian server without problems, but in order to have aptitude working perfectly and not taking the risk to reinstal corrupted packages because of the sandboxing, I decided to install immediately the new package developped for Debian based installs : This package allows Aptitude to use Tor to download anonymously on repositories, therefore allowing to escape the state sandboxing, and it worked perfectly. I am now using ALL my important services under Tor, to escape the french state sandboxing. This great package that allows aptitude to use Tor is called : apt-transport-tor Just install it, and then edit the /etc/apt/sources-list and on each line describing a repository, just change the http://.... byt a tor:// and you're done. I can now have all my servers and computers getting non-infected versions of all the executables I am downloading, but I must use Tor all the time or they fuck me. I hope experience will serv other crypto-anarchists. It's like many people arround the world are sandboxed exactly the same way, as far as I could see on the different forums. Kind regards, Stman.

Feb 28 15:51 [raw]

Feb 28 16:34 [raw]

Thank you. In the past, I used to have a snort machine monitoring my LAN, but because the IPcop live firewall OS was not maintained correctly, I had to stop it. It's like I am going to make some efforts to install a new one because shit, it sucks all this shit.

Mar 27 22:09 [raw]

Can't cryptoanarchists fed just hold a database of current cyberthreats? Just something like this here: Deliever us from evil!

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