Encryption is not journalism

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Mar 30 17:49 [raw]

LOL Yasha Levine.

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Mar 30 18:16 [raw]

Encryption is not journalism Seems not a day goes by that I don't hear someone try to sell encryption as some kind of panacea for journalism, as if all we need to do to strengthen journalism and hold power accountable is to download crypto apps and harden our mobile phones. It is a sham and a racket infused with a rightwing ideology. But it's taken as divine wisdom these days. I'm preserving my brief Twitter rant on the subject for posterity. The fact that this has to be said out loud is a sign of the degraded politics of our time. Only people who don't know how journalism works think that it depends on encryption. Snowden, the Intercept, EFF push a self serving myth. Journalism is about fighting power and helping people make sense of the world. Documents can lie, give a partial story that hides some bigger truth. Secret sources can manipulate. Pure information does not liberate. It is sham to focus on encryption when real investigative journalism has all but died and been defunded in our oligarchic society. Encryption won't rid America of oligarchs, the true enemy of journalists and journalism. The push for journo encryption has a market ideology built in: the belief that we are all rational beings who don't have enough info... ...liberate information about abuse/oppression and you will liberate society. People will self-organize and act in their own self interest. How did journalists work without computers, without encryption? The sad fact is that most investigative journalists I know —including myself — struggle to make ends meet. Situation gets worse every year. Oligarchs like Pierre Omidyar or spook outfits like Radio Free Asia fund crypto because it does not threaten power. But journalism is also useless without being part of a wider political culture/movement — that is something we also do not have. @yashalevine

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Mar 31 03:46 [raw]

Movements are a trap.

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Mar 31 06:36 [raw]

Bowel movements doubly so.

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Mar 31 08:57 [raw]

+1 The only thing that is not a trap is crushing those who think to rule over you.

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Mar 31 09:43 [raw]

It's not good to trap a bowel movement ;)