looking for code repository

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jan 3 08:01 [raw]

Does the federation have a code repository? I would like to see some software projects that crypto-anarchists are working on.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jan 3 09:36 [raw]

We don't have yet such tool, but we should definitely have a look at GitTorrent (Fully decentralized) and try to have Crypto-Anarchist developers using it. Indeed, we could also maintain a list here, but for political reason and for the protection of all of us against direct attacks from state spying agencies, I sincerely encourage to only use strictly Crypto-Anarchist 100% P2P and decentralized tools to publish or communicate. Those tools greatly reduce legal responsibility as there is no "centralized publishing means". Still, we could already have a list here : ► Crypto-Anarchist 100% P2P & decentralized applications: #BitCoin : Digital money. #ZeroNet : Web replacement. #BitTorrent : File sharing. #BitMessage : Email replacement. #Twister : Twitter clone. #YaCy : Search Engine. #Tor : Decentralized Fast IP maskerading & proxy. #Freenet : Web replacement. #GitTorrent : Git clone.