idea to stop the DOS attack

Aug 8 00:35 [raw]

Hi Peter and devs, I was thinking about the recent flooding attacks on a couple of channels here. Since the attacks appear to be from a single source and have a negative impact on virtually all other network nodes, we should be morally entitled and also technically capable to leverage our supermajority to run a one-off deanonymisation operation (simple intersection analysis) on the attacker's node and blackhole its traffic. What do y'all reckon? Slippery slope or legitimate self-defense?

Aug 8 07:18 [raw]

Probably attacker use tor. Attacker may change node. Ratio/scores, queue between supernodes will be good self-defense.

Aug 8 11:42 [raw]

do it now

Aug 8 13:20 [raw]

Hi. I resolved the problem when I changed the settings. Go to the settings next Demanded difficulity and change Total difficulity and Small message difficulity to 1.0. I suppose the when somebody will send message first time it is not visiblel for me but another message is visible. Now setting to block sender works. Any suggestions?

Sep 3 16:58 [raw]


Sep 3 19:51 [raw]

LOL In this p2p you can't block spammer, because spammer may connect to another node. Good solution is limitting new objects per server and per client. Totally decentralised queue points like in emule is another solution.

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