Wikileaks is a Front for Russian Intelligence

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 11 15:51

What if Edward Snowden had just been acting as a whistleblower because he simply understood that the current militarized internet would lead to global war, and the strongest and most corrupted form of capitalist mafia driven fascism. You guys in the intelligence community always tend to see things as spy plots and so on... But you forget that in every human, there is a heart, a consciousness, and a personnal responsability toward history. Snowden was silenced after the meeting between putin and obama in mid august 2013. Snowden action is one of the strongest anti-fascist action ever done in human history. Snowden is just an anti-fascist that took his moral responsabilities very seriously and who strictly respected the human right declaration. Leave Snowden out of geopolitics, and respect the man who ignited the global fight against fascism worldwide. Thank you.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 11 16:08

So what ? What difference between FSB, NSA and chineese' equivalent for any true Crypto-Anarchist ? Absolutly none. They are all cyber-fascists with their military industrial complex, that will lead the world to self-destruction with global war and fascism. Snowden is an Anti-Fascist hero. He saved the world from global cyber-fascism. But nobody can detain any agency to build whatever "story" on top of this. It's a matter of values, Of human rights. Not of selfish geopolitical interests. It's a matter of saving the world from global war and fascism. Point.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 11 16:18

You still did not understand what being Crypto-Anarchist or Anarchist mean. You still don't understand that many spies, worldwide, turn Crypto-Anarchist autonomously, without the infuence or the manipulation of anybody. You still dont' understand we are above geopolitic fascist fights. You still don't understand we work for global peace. Out of fascist geopolitics. Crypto-Anarchists would fit well into UN indeed, due to our strict geopolitical neutrality. The Snowden revelations hit as much NSA, as they hit FSB or any other equivalent agency. The technologies used for cyber dominations are the same everywhere, it's just the "trademark" that is different, not the final political goals. We are everywhere. We are legion.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 12 05:20

what if you're all mistaken, deceived? What if Snowden, Assange, Putin are all just actors, sock puppets. What if they are just faces who cover for the real decision makers? What if this is all fake news?

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 12 13:08

And who would be those decision makers, according to you ? Who would be pulling the strings then ? And more importantly, what would be their goal ?

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 12 13:28

I know of two always useful principles for explaining history: Occam's Razor, and Follow The Money (aka who profits from what). To me, it looks like a combined involvement of Russia and the global military-industrial complex (not only US, not only Russia, not only China, but profiteurs de guerre in general). Also most politicians also just want to gain money, because that's linked to power, or they want to gain power, and need (own or other people's) money for that. The fact that US secrets have been spilled does not rule out the involvement of US interests: they mainly want to sell war and surveillance stuff, not MAGA. MAGA guys are just jokers and pawns, IMHO.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 12 17:06

Well, what can I say except your experimental hypothesis and principles make sense. And agree with your answer. But do you believe there are still idealistic people like me ? Or do you think I am being dishonnest ? A faker ?

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 13 04:49

Let me add some: Follow the money trail solves and clears 99.99% of mysteries but there are exteme cases of revenge,jealousy when humans tends to do anything. But in todays world only profit matters and principles & values doesn't exists anymore.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 13 07:17

Babylon the Great, AKA, Mother of Harlots, AKA Rome Vaticanus, carrying out the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which came from Russia's freemasons. consisting of: The Venetian Party and their figureheads: The Roman Catholic Papacy The Orthodox Church Metropolitae Economic Jewry And their various organs: Freemasonry Every mainstream church in the world All heads of all global intelligence and police agencies. etc, etc. It all points back to the Pope, just as the reformers told us for 400 years. Romanism in all its forms (nationalism, fascism, oligarchy, semitism, communism, etc.) are just cutout operations steering the cattle to the Pope's slaughter. Putin is a Venetian. He is not even Russian. He's their Davidic King in preparation. They are trying to decide between Putin and Trump, leaning toward Putin the half-Jew, half-Italian, crypto-Russian. Both dictators have awesome approval ratings by the mesmerized masses. Read the Protocols about their plans to install a global Davidic dictator, who represents messiah, while the pope is considered messiah incarnate. The fusion of church and state in one leader (messiah) for the masses to worship, is the goal of the Venetian Party to maintain their fundum for another age. They will fail. They will be exterminated, just as God did to Jerusalem in 70 a.d. The Church was a Jewish scam, a continuation of Judaism, from day one. The Church murdered all the real Christians for centuries, until real Christianity virtually disappeared from earth. Pick your church. They're all run by Jewish freemasons. Lutheran, Presbyterian, Orthodox, doesn't matter. They all secretly bow to Rome.

Jul 16 20:43

Trying to get under my skin right ? and rubbing me the wrong way right ? Nice try. NO PASARAN ! ⬇︎

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 16 20:43

Amen to that. It will be glorious and happen sooner than we could ever hope.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jul 17 10:09

It won't be happen

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