Free Git Replacement

Jun 7 00:19 [raw]

Sourceforge has offered free fossil scm for years, and they still do.

Jun 7 16:04 [raw]

I encourage everybody to give support to the project "GitTorrent" A 100% décentralized, Bittorrent protocol based, decentralized Github clone.

Jun 7 17:23 [raw]

I'll just keep using github. MS acquisition isn't a bad thing. I'm not sure why the pitchforks are flying.

Jun 7 17:46 [raw]

Because Microsoft is named as one of "our industrial partners" in docs leaked from NSA. And this "industrial partner" works hard to make IT more penetrable by their handlers at NSA. NSA uses Microsoft as their "business proxy" to buy or "hostile takeover" selected targets. For example, old NSA papers stated that Skype is too secure to be "wiretapped" easily. And guess what? They shouted "Fetch!" and their dog Microsoft brought them Skype in its teeth. Now Skype is not a problem for NSA. So yes, let's be happy for making Github part of NSA.

Jun 8 11:01 [raw]

Bummer :-( Looks like a fun project, unfort it doesn't run on Tor, so I can't play. You guys have fun without me.

Jun 10 23:10 [raw]

I agree with what you said. Please note that that kind of behavior (Using tech companies as proxy for cyber-domination wars) is not only done by US agencies. It's a worldwide problem. Same things are done with the hacktivist scene too. It is unacceptable. When will military, who ever they are, will understand that there will be no winner at cyber-war but only loosers. I find it completely mad, crazy, stupid, to instrumentalize the current cyberspace for their petty cyber-geopolitical wars. Why ? Because the whole international economical activity is based on the current cyberspace that is a kind of hyphen between all nations and their economical activities. Playing their petty cyber-wars for this stupid WWII like spirit "Our country is gonna cyber-dominate the world" is pueril and shows a mental age of 15 years old and some serious psychological problems. Using a cyberspace as a proxy for cyber-geopolitical wars is taking the whole worldwide economy in hostage, and the world citizens too. When will they stop this crazy nihilist behavior ? Do they really want to trigger the WWIII ? WE MUST RE-ENGINEER A WHOLE NEW FULLY DEMILITARIZED CYBERSPACE FROM SCRATCH. That by design, makes cyber-war not possible, and that has a desired cyber-power model that we must seriously talk about, negociate, between all the citizens of the world. There is no way to patch the current cyberspace. The goal of the "Paris Crypto-Anarchist Meetup" I animate every month (When not targeted with powerful directed energy weapons like last month) aims at starting this collective work. Kind regards, Stman.

Jun 10 23:11 [raw]

This is not a big issue, it should be very easy to torify. Still, it would be good if the core developper of Gittorrent would do this change. This guy needs support. And the best way to supporting him is either to contribute, or to send money.

Jun 12 19:58 [raw]

> Do they really want to trigger the WWIII ? Yes, they do. They don't care if they crash every economy in the world. If they start a war, they sell weapons to all sides in the conflict, they make loans and collect debt interest from all sides in the conflict, they own the construction companies that rebuild after the conflict. Understand?

Jun 12 19:58 [raw]

> When not targeted with powerful directed energy weapons like last month I lost interest at this line

Jun 12 22:00 [raw]

Stman sounds like a troll pretending to be an activist. The bitmessage project seems stilted and fake, like a ship deliberately run ashore. What the heck is going on here? "Directed energy weapons?" Third party contractor to manage code base? Captcha on the web site? Srsly?

Jun 17 14:49 [raw]

Then you are undereducated:

Jun 18 04:31 [raw]

I have a directed energy weapon. It's called a shotgun. It has a zillion foot-pounds of muzzle energy, directed right at Mr. Hamburgler's head.

Jun 21 02:35 [raw]

that's matter, dingus

Jun 21 02:52 [raw]

for fucks sake. why has *nobody* pointed out the obvious? git is free software. github is an unfree platform-as-a-service. they can be used together but are wholly independent; a public facing git server can be run off an arduino lodged deep up your asshole for all the world cares. also: git is already decentralized; if you wanna see what the alternative is/was, read up on SVN and be prepared to be nauseated. double also: we already have a serverless variant of git as git-ssb, which works just fine. had you cared enough to get off your lazy ass and actually look into things, you might have noticed. you're welcome for me giving an actual damn for you instead, by the way.

Jun 21 08:46 [raw]

Thanks for the information, why so angry though? :) I think Github has unfortunately become a sort of a Schelling point for open source development. It's the place where everyone EXPECTS TO BE EXPECTED TO BE. Self-hosted git or peer-to-peer systems will never have the same gravitational pull due to exactly the distributed nature of the platform. Humans only have one pair of eyeballs (at a time), and they're also very lazy. Plus, you have some hard problems to solve, like userids/issues/pulls/projects/etc which are not Git builtins and would need to be re-implemented in a distributed, yet seamlessly interoperable manner. If we're going to make Github peer-to-peer, it probably needs to be something more like Openbazaar: a friendly self-contained UI with seamless access into the entire network, every project and every member one click away; any file, issue or commit no further than three clicks away. Because this is the Github experience right now, and with Microsoft driving the bus, the UX, if anything, will improve going forward. Can it be done? Sure thing. Can it be done using 100% available components? Not as far as I know.

Jun 21 19:33 [raw]

The velocity of 1 oz of lead at 1600 fps is energy, dingus

Jun 21 19:33 [raw]

because at bitmessage it's laid out like dat.

Jun 23 23:23 [raw]

because this exact same conversation happens over and over again. not always the same tool or service, but the same conversation nonetheless. I wasn't necessarily expecting the amount of people who understand how open source works to be super high, but seeing it _this_ low on an open source platform itself? really it's dismal at times. getting people to move to another socialy-driven platform of some kind is always hard (bootstrap paradox), but even if it can't get everyone, a well designed one will attract good people. git-ssb somewhat proved that, fossil sorta too.

Jun 24 07:53 [raw]

fossil is gold

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