Quasi Functions / Polymorphic Encryption

Jan 23 16:05 [raw]

Abstract From the beginning of the electronic era in cryptography the main block-cipher design model had stayed the same, the concept of mixing substitution and transposition. Differential cryptanalysis and Liner cryptanalysis are applicable on the majority of the Feistel-Network based ciphers, and they have, at least in theory, shown the weakness of this model. There is a growing disparity between the ability to design secure ciphers and the cryptanalysis. This indicates that block cipher design converge to “maximum secure cipher”. Polymorphic Encryption and the Quasi Function theory are a concept how to design a cipher having the properties of a Maximum Secure Cipher. The new design paradigm is KEY=ENCRYPTION ALGORITHM, ciphers designed in a way that each key present a different encryption algorithm. http://kbajalc.tripod.com/algo/pme/polym.html

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