Need advice: intel T2330 dual-core CPU compromised?

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Jan 2 11:44

Does this dated CPU have any hardware backdoors for remote access like the more-modern intel vPro CPU series? Intentions are to use an old notebook with that CPU as a red system (airgapped) for cryptographic processing only.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jan 2 14:05

ALL CPUs from 1993 are backdoored.(INTEL AMD) You can use G5 imac...with POWER PC or any RISK CPU, or Russian ELBRUS. Russians know about Minix from about year 2000.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jan 2 14:46

When you say from you mean starting from ?

Jan 2 14:49

Would good old MC68000 from ATARI ST/STe or even MC68030 for the good old ATARI TT be compromized too ? Do you have access to a kind of list of all the known trademarks and the year we first discover hardware backdoors (NSA) inside ?

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Jan 2 15:03

all processors from the beginning have something like micro operting system but from about 1994- have features like networking and a web server which are obvious why. I know MC68000 and it's there but only for ! improvement of Instruction sets and fixing after production BUGS ! (1979). Microcode (CPU FIX) can be found in all BIOSES/EFIs.

Jan 2 15:10

This is a recurrent topic many people ask here, if you have some good litterature downloadable somewhere, lists of compromized CPU and when, please don't hesitate to share it here. Thank you very much for your contribution.

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Jan 2 15:10

MC6800 with '79'8x BIOS is safe... problem is that BIOS FIX can add something also to MC68000. I don't have such a list but we can made it checking old Bioses. Another problem ist that South and North bridge probably also have microcode and can communicate dierctly via internet without CPU. Have anyone ever wondered why a phone number is needed for use "WHATSAPP, SIGNAL" ?

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Jan 2 15:39

They say it's to slow down abusive account registrations. The recommendation is to never use YOUR phone number, just *A* phone number that you have access to, and burn it after every job. Most users, however, will choose to use their own phone number for convenience reasons, and the app will do nothing to stop them. This sucks from a UI perspective, but it can be argued that those who don't care about this shit enough to figure it out without external reminders deserve whatever happens to them. For those who do care, this guy will rent you a new mobile number for 3 mBTC to activate your apps: http://smspriv6fynj23u6.onion Tell him I sent you :)

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Jan 3 09:41

OP here... I apologize for not being more specific with my previous question, but I already said "airgapped". Will a COMPLETELY OFFLINE operated notebook (no WAN, no LAN, no WLAN/WiFi, no Bluetooth etc.) with this CPU be secure? The question relates to wireless hardware backdoors in more-modern CPUs (Intel vPro series etc.). Side note: We are *NOT* talking about TEMPEST attacks here!

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