TOR is not more anonymous!!!! Share it!!! Check it!!!!

Jul 28 21:40

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 ************************************************** TOR does not work either in Tails or anywhere else! Yandex has found the vulnerability and is using it! ************************************************** I use Tor in Windows 10 PRO, as well as the operating system Tails (3.0.1), which I installed on USB according to the instructions from the site. I use these tools for a long time and often - an experienced user (I use more than a year). I work mostly on the same computer, where as the main operating system is Windows 10 Pro, and in Tails I boot through live USB. I enter the Internet mainly through the Wi-fi access point, and also use my mobile phone (3g) frequently as an access point. I enter the network almost automatically through bridges (obfs3) from the same computer. Security settings - High. There are no other extensions in the browser, except for those that were in the default browser. Persistent Volume is (except for saving APT Packages, APT Lists, Dotfiles). I'm physically in Ukraine (this is important) !! ESSENCE OF THE CASE: When working in Tails. When you enter into the browser string DIRECT address I automatically transfer to the site ****************** (PLEASE NOTE THIS NUMBER IS IT BY MY COMPUTER'S NAME !!!!!!!!!!!! NUMBER CHANGED FOR ANONYMITY) ******************* In this case, the weekend is in France! And not in Ukraine! (The last numbers changed for anonymity) RE-LOADED !!!!! I stopped in Tails again. Included Persistance Volume, bridges obfs3, Security settings - High. The result is the same! (The output node was in Finland!) ATTENTION!!! Installed the Tails OS by cloning to another USB. Booted already from her. No other settings were made. I entered the network directly - without bridges. The result is the same! (The output node was in Sweden!) Remind: No scripts, no left plugins (all only from the box), no JavaScript - nothing. All done according to the instructions from the Tails website. ATTENTION!!! Boot into the main OS Windows 10 PRO, launched Tor, typed in the address bar - The result is the same! (The output node was in the USA!) Check it yourself and pass it on to everyone! TOR does not work either in Tails or anywhere else! Yandex has found the vulnerability and is using it! -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEErXPHf5oWOgSVW82bH8EL3q75mQEFAll7kdIACgkQH8EL3q75 mQHf9xAAgCxUpBoHnAfl5Nt21iEkYp6j8w3qxgxGnLO/PNcXrnlEvGG+cM0IlgDW QT23KU/mZY2LAc+LOCPOMIb5uAfhHHH2GV2CWi3mJ+4NuySDi5eVXrdhVncg4iq+ 7WWGTBHDA7v9JfB/yDiaLapsHXUyQ3duG0hLTEa6zCaZ1SxJYDrc40dwe57yl/Ij KtnZbmlUP+4dsedWIvstjqBuBp6D5lFgkU7+22the8Hs31kWwPXNwKwikrKMPwj1 Ifchpipj/RKPeeXNaFAmmY4UheBrT+6OAdvuOCokI/6SASGRm9NYjIM0RiSGti9J USEpi+PTEZwwYSDra1M44TUhDkj9Qxt1HMvmWLTQEdi3/LkOV2e8zUPJxRiFNSDX pV+bCwm+ZCbbt03zN0UdXL/YyEc/4HhM3jh5vykdSigELA+6M5zPBecO9kEV0uSx VV5qf19ckD7msXArvVcigb+m2nIwRDfdO5vqMwiqr3D6wj1U/9QUEqRUhyNsWaoK NC6QYal1EMnezCD22Ns+9+n5O2VC0laW1VRdS+DjXvAcQaavkqdS6bjDUCADCbu0 A90vAdEDHigNdJD/0IGyiOaZ7BAagOLiz1l+yZb8VabEMm+uZzXBIZR6FWqAbKrE NO6CnjfYa8vDVIBxseWeAvYldbbOdQ6OP+WvwGM2lZ7bFwsHqPA= =zgM7 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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