Thougths about Crypto-Anarchism, and the Cyber-Space paradox with the meat space.

Oct 9 15:18

My two cents here : - The cyber-space, as it is architectured today, has completely transmutted / denatured / unballanced all power relations on earth, but the global system we live in has not evolved at the same speed. - In the current technological statut quo, it is much more easy to attack than to protect yourself against cyber-attacks. - I have been studying Crypto-Anarchism for years to its maximum radical limits to understand better the natural laws within the current cyber-space. - A cyber-space is not equal to another. The current Cyber-space relies on some standards (TCP/IP), and on current microprocessor architectures, that lead to the current statut quo I personnaly find dangerous and leading to war, chaos and criminality. In the current cyber-space statut quo, we face a paradox between fixing cyber-chaos (Cyber-war, cyber-criminality, cyber-terrorism, cyber-fascism), and war, criminality, terrorism and fascism in the real world. When fixing one univers against bad things, you make things worse in the other, and vice-versa. - I long believed that Crypto-Anarchism was the solution, but that may intermediary step were needed into the society to have it working fixing things both in the cyber-space and the meat-space. - Today I have another understanding of the thing : The paradox of the Cyber-space and the meat-space regarding fixing bad things in one is damaging them in another is the consequence of the nature of the cyber-space itself. My conclusion : The debate about prefering Crypto-Anarchism or not in the current cyber-space technological statut quo is wrong, outdated, non relevant. We are tortured by this paradox, and it seems to have no solution, except maybe a kind of middle path, but it seems hard to find. My latest understanding is that we have to change the nature of the cyber-space itself, modifying its nature so that some of its inner natural laws gets modified to that the paradox we are facing would not exist anymore. Everybody, the military, but also the Crypto-Anarchists themselves have been fighting some how for nothing for years. It is appearing to me that the Crypto-War could have been a kind of divide and conqueer thing. By fixing a few things in the cyber-space nature, architecture, we can fix both chaos in the cyber-space and in the meat space, without falling into fascism and preserving human rights and peace. It's a new approach. A new road to explore. There is no word for it, yet. I think Crypto-Anarchism is outdated. That it was a kind of simple reaction to what military were doing. But being in the reaction usually means being manipulated. The Post-Crypto-Anarchism, let's call it this way, is a new new approach that prevents the paradox from the current statut quo to exist. This is the path I will follow for now, because I think it is a more clever approach to all the problems we are facing. This is exactly how I found the definite solution to Stack and Buffer overflows and R.O.P. . I took another road nobody took. Because I'm a fucking asperger and I don't see things like a normal person, for the better, and for the worse. I'm just trying to have it for the better. Kind regards, Stman.

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13 hours ago

Go back to the Unix philosophy: Everything is text.

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