Anarchists, Crypto-Anarchists, and the fucking fascist Libertarians and their far right nazi friends.

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jun 13 13:24

For years, the fascist libertarians and their friends from the far right mouvements have tried to dominate the Crypto-Anarchist scene. ● But why did fascists infiltrated the Crypto-Anarchist scene ? ● Why did they spent so much efforts to appear like authentic Crypto-Anarchists ? ● What was their plan to try to behave like authentic Crypto-anarchists ? Answers from Crypto-Anarchists & Anarchists posted here tonight. It will be of interest for all antifa to know how to detect those Crypto-Fascists that have also already infiltrated their own ranks too. NO PASARAN !

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Jun 14 12:56

The far right libertarian political project has nothing to do with Anarchism or Crypto-Anarchism. After infiltrating the libertarian mouvement and talking with many of their members for more than 2 years, I came to the following conclusions : ● The libertarian political project is a fascist ultra liberal political project, that gather exclusively far right & alt right mafias members and gangs. ● Their only goal is making money with no rules at all. ● Libertarians pretend to be Crypto-Anarchist just because they support Crypto-Currencies. But being Crypto-Anarchist is not about supporting Crypto-Currencies only, it's about fighting all the cyber-domination powers : The Crypto-Anarchist political agenda has nothing to do with this Libertarian political agenda. Of course, we do support Crypto-Currencies, but not all of them, we support only those who stay strictly "Crypto-Anarchist" in terms of cyber-powers : Meaning we support only Crypto-Currencies that garantee a strict horizontal collective control of the Currencies : Those who preserv a strict equality of power between all users to manage the currency. But Crypto-Anarchist is much more than this. It's about demilitarizing and liberating the whole cyberspace and all its underlying technologies (Integrated Circuits, OS, Softwares, Standards, File formats, Languages, P2P Decentralized protocols), at all layers : It's about giving strictly the same amout of cyber-powers for every citizen of the world, with NO EXCEPTION : And those cyber-powers we want to give back to every citizen of the world are cyber-powers allowing each user to protect his personnal digital environment from intrusions of any organization, person, state, company : In such "State of Crypto-Anarchism", all the citizen of the world would have the same cyber-powers, and those cyber-powers are strictly defensive and personnal, and only allow citizens to preserv their digital privacy : We are definitely not talking about cyber-domination powers on others, that are completely destroyed annihilated, in a state of crypto-anarchism. Libertarians don't give a fuck about this. The only thing they want is to have blockchains and Crypto-Curencies, but they are not interested at all in fighting cyber-domination powers. They clearly fake it. How capitalist mafia minded selfish individuals would want to abolish cyber-domination powers on others ? They don't want it. Libertarians, associated with far right and alt right mouvements and mafias are okay with Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain as long as those new concepts and technologies have no negative impact on mass surveillance. They want to dominate. Fascists always want to dominate. Now let's get back to why they infiltrated the Crypto-Anarchist scene and why they tried, worldwide, to assimilate Crypto-Anarchists to Anarcho-Capitalists and Anarcho-Individualists ? Here is were the fascists libertarian mafias, with their friends from fascists far right & alt right mafias found a common interest in doing so with all the fucking nazi that are working in the biggest law enforcement agencies worldwide : ● The desire to assimilate Crypto-Anarchists to Anarcho-Capitalists and Anarcho-Individualist is a direct personnal attack against all true leftist anarchists worldwide. ● It is clearly an operation organized by law enforcement agencies that work hand in hand with libertarians : The underlying goal was to divide the true leftists Anarchists from true Crypto-Anarchists, because without the technological knowledge of Crypto-Anarchist regarding mass surveillance, all anarchist mouvement are clearly endangered of having its whole community completely identified, spied on 24h/24, and in the end, it make manipulations and instrumentalizations of Anarchists much more easy : It allows the ruling class to keep the anarchist under control, without them even knowing it. ● No one can hesitate on how to interpret the assimilation of Crypto-Anarchists to Libertarian Anarcho-Capitalists : It was obvious that leftist Anarchists would reject libertarians and their fascist mafia driven political project. It was obivous that assimilating Crypto-Anarchists to libertarians would provoque a massive division between Crypto-Anarchists and their fellow leftist Anarchist comrades. It's a fucking trap. The nazi tried again to divide to conqueer. They know that if Crypto-Anarchist share their knowledge with Anarchists, then Anachists will have their invisible cyber-domination chains destroyed, and will recover their true independance worldwide, and all the manipulation bullshit done by fascist spying agencies on the Anarchist scene worldwide would end. This situation with Libertarians regarding Crypto-Anarchists is not new indeed, we know it for years, but until 2010, it was "tolerated" because we had a few common goals regarding with Crypto-Currencies. But the crypto-currencies technological & political statut quo has evolved : True Crypto-Anarchists are now facing a war and a counter attack from libertarian that try to kill "Crypto-Anarchist Crypto-Currencies" to replace them by "degraded copies/clones" that allow the ruling class (banksters) to still have cyber-domination powers on those new Non-Crypto-Anarchist Crypto-Currencies like Ethereum. The divorse between true Crypto-Anarchists that are indeed all true leftist Anarchists and those fascist capitalist libertarians that made deals with evil spying agencies is now consumed, because we ended understanding the political trap agenda of libertarians regarding their alliance with fascist law enforcement agencies that want to keep mass surveillance in place. You now know why libertarians are only interested in non-crypto-anarchist crypto-currencies. And why they are strictly not interested in all the other battlefieds true Crypto-Anarchist are fighting, like the huge "Integrated Circuits" battlefield, where we are working on producing "Free Integrated Circuits", with no backdoors, and with simple ways for end-users to check all that by themselves, like we do it with Free Software verifying the HASH (SHA256 for example) of binaries and source code. Libertarians are definitely not interested in this. I think it was important to spread those informations about the secret goals of libertarians regarding Crypto-Anarchist community. I think it was important to teach Anarchists that Libertarians are "selective crypto-anarchists", and that they only want to free what will allow them to go on with more wilder capitalism. I think it was important to clarify the evil deal made with those fascists libertarians with far right and alt right and spying agencies. I think it was important to explain that their goal is to kill or destroy the whole anarchist scene, and allow capitalism to survive. The militarized internet and services and technologies as they exist today is the biggest capitalist crypto-nazi agenda for world domination ever attempted. The cyberspace and all its underlying technologies must be completely demilitarized and liberated, or the world will end in global war, slavery and fascism. If we manage to do it, we will have the exact opposit result : It will be a global true leftist anarchist revolution worldwide. The moments we are living are historical. All Anarchists and Crypto-Anarchists are really invited to contribute to analyze more, to investigate all those crypto-nazi agendas through technological domination.

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Jun 14 14:56

Don't stop taking your pills, boy.

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Jun 14 15:56

Profit of your last moments of fascist cyber-domination powers on me while you can, MOTHERFUCKING NAZI. I will have my revenge on bastards fascists like you, don't worry. I learned patience. ⬇︎

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Jun 15 08:28

For years, the communist, marxist, socialists and other weenies from the left mouvements have tried to dominate the Crypto-Anarchist scene. Go to Venezuela or Cuba you antifa faggot.

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Jun 15 08:37


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Jun 15 09:25


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Jun 15 12:12


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Jun 16 00:51

"NO PASARAN !" and "FCK NZS" - quotes from Timothy's May "The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto" ;)

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Jul 4 22:18

> Their only goal is making money with no rules at all. bingo even anarchists know we need rules of decency. not even armies can enforce this. for the armies would break the rules. only the spirit of brotherly love and truth can enforce this. we need help from above.

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Jul 4 22:18

In south america so bad has gotten the "antifascist" regime that peoples now are eating dogs. Cannibalism not far along.

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