Message to Julian Assange

Oct 8 12:57

I am fully pacifist, non violent, against violence, weapons and so on. Violence will only bring chaos. The revolution can come peacefully and non violently from revolutionizing the cyber-space, studying more Crypto-Anarchism and its incredible possibilities and also its dangers. It is not only a matter of what technologies are emerging, it is a matter of order, in which order they are spread into the public. It is a matter of being able to undertand the huge "power equation ballance" in the world, that has been completely transmutted by the inner existance of the cyber-space. We have to make the intellectual effort to rethink the "power equation ballance" taking in account all known forms of powers and the new forms of powers that are brought into the society by technologies. The cyber-space being the major new variable in the equation, but it is not the only one. No guns or violence needed. Just intelligence and the true desire to make things better. THERE IS NO NEED FOR VIOLENCE. Even most Anarchists are completely lost in old ways of thinking that are completely outdated because they refuse to integrate the new variables that came from technologies that have influence on the global power equation. Once we will have a better understanding of the special and unique power caracteristics that are coming from the cyber-space, we will have a better understanding of what to do, in which order to it. For now, I even consider most Crypto-Anarchists being as irresponsible as most militaries playing with fire regarding the new powers brought by technologies, particularily the cyber-space. Stman.

Oct 8 12:57

Julian, I have been an honnest & independent supporter of Wikileaks for years, because I have been victim of a huge transnational corruption case that I have kept trying to explain to you and to gain your support to win my case. By the mean time, I have tried my best, with my reduced means, to help you the best I could in order to protect your sources, proposing you several projects that were making sense, and that would have also garanteed more independence for Wikileaks. All those efforts were never recognized by anybody. Including many of your close friends that saw some kind of competition and who did not support me in this efforts. I have suffured severe gangstalking from all the spying agencies and mafias involved in this political-transnational corruption case. Now that you know my case, how big and important it is, I just wish that you will not behave like 99.99% of the people arround me that get corrupted by those who want to sink me because they are part of the corruption cartel. I have tried my best, all this time, to help you with my own case, preserving my interests in my case, and trying to find ways to help you with it. I hope I will not regreat trying to do so. Because now that you are aware of the huge amount of money that was stolen to me by those corrupted states & organizations, I hope they will not end corrupting you too. Division is what they want. We must stay in full solidarity, we must learn to trust each others, work toguether, in good intelligence, at all levels. I have proposed you from the begining to start bringing trust between us through math & technology, through things that cannot be faked. I told you not to trust me, but just to understand my technological researches, fully demonstrated. I have forwarded you, in full transparency, most of the documents of my case, in order to proove you I was not contacting you to infiltrate Wikileaks and damage it, but to ask for help as a desperate whistleblower victim of a transnational corruption postal cartel case. One the biggest political scandal so far in France and in 7 other countries for the last decade. I haven't faked anything. I have been as honnest as possible. Please stay on my side, because if I win my case, and I am going to win it, even if all those corrupted feds & mafias from those 8 states are plotting against me daily with mind control and keeping trying to kill me & my family, you can be sure I will support you back, and that you will not be forgotten. Kind regards, Frédéric.

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Oct 8 21:09

Qapla' my brother! Julian

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Oct 20 06:48

Mind control? Do you mean to say they are trying to change your decisions by applying extortion pressure? Please elaborate.

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Oct 21 11:42

US Army has special division called PSY-OPS. Those are trained people who use telepathy to influence masses and certain individuals. search for "Stargate", its name of the project dedicated to develop telepathy in human test subjects. This information is unclassified for many years, but still is new to people. Also note that these documents are quite old already, and no one knows current status and acheivments of this project. These links were mentioned in BM earlier: Here is an example how they operate. Let's assume certain individual posesses proof that Hillary is a criminal. He will try to post information in public forums and messageboards, but every time he tries that - he will feel heavy headache, and will be unable to proceed. The more he tries - the stronger counter-force he will meet, ending with disasterous events in his life like his gf/wife will leave him, or anything else that will distract him enough from posting this information. Counter-force can influence people surrounding him, he can even get hit by a car or some other shit. In the end he will be scared to death and will abandon his attempts. Quite likely he will accidentally delete these documents. This counter-force can be described as bad luck, grudge. It is automatically triggered by certain actions or events people do, usually acting as protective force for government. Individual under this attack must seek help from spiritually strong people, priests, witch-doctors, etc

[chan] Crypto-Anarchist Federation
Oct 21 19:25

ookee dookee how many tin foil hats have you?

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Oct 22 09:47

Someone don't like the truth and start spamming...

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