In Memoriam of Gary Yarbrough: Radio Wehrwolf: Susan Yarbrough

[chan] ALT-RIGHT
Apr 15 19:12 [raw]

The US federal government tortured Gary Yarbrough for over 30 years because of his beliefs. They finally killed him with serious medical neglect. This man was a true fighter against the system. He paid with his life. Crypto-Anarchists should learn from him about real love and self-sacrifice. Audio Interview: Radio Wehrwolf: Susan Yarbrough from Radio Wehrwolf - Radio Archives (-) In honor of the passing of a true hero, Gary Yarbrough, we are re-uploading the interview Dion had done with Susan Yarbrough on 1/18/2017 On this episode Dion talks with Susan Yarbrough wife of Federal POW and former member to The Order Gary Yarbrough. We discuss Gary's background, the harsh treatment of life in prison, the constant denials to release him, what Susan has endured to fight for his release, how people can help, and more