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Jan 12 09:26 [raw]

If you have something important to say, do not use a chan address in the From field to send your message. I am certain I am not the only one who has blacklisted most of the chan addresses -- due to countless shitposts from them. Use a private address when posting to chans or your messages will be dropped by the blacklist; they will never be seen by many of us. If you are too stupid to understand what this means then you don't have anything worth reading anyway.

[chan] China

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难以启齿的秘密: 波士顿乌央乌央的文科商科小留都是妓女 Sep 17 12:36 3
weibo @勿怪幸 是间谍 Sep 10 07:20 2
中兴公司 Sep 9 12:10 2
(no subject) Sep 9 12:09 2
收复西沙 Sep 9 11:52 2
中兴公司 Sep 9 08:19 1