war on the american soil is a necessity...

Dec 2 21:33 [raw]

there is no hope otherwise... the good thing it will not be about occupation, just scoring key areas... to wipe this arrogance from the earth before space does. it 's about survival to wipe those who protect the doj / fbi and it means wiping the dod and cia as this shit show isn't part of the green one, even if they pretend, they can't understand what masses means, because they believe in their klugness (smartness from science applied to get nasty results, against the tao) that the people are slaves to them to achieve their own personal successes, what ever they may in their wrap representation of reality believe they are. i am afraid some have become muskians, believing in a fake vr and those stuch in the protestant ethiks parade trying to believe there is an afterlife for them, while their only talents is being to cleverly hide their own deeds. we see... epstein? where? when? not yet? why? who? why? who? how much... pfff... only that. and those few rule america to it's own demise with the support and understanding of the full security apparatus of the usa. and like the ss who enjoyed venezuela or who where those girls from? the dod has become what? a red pill army? that's what they believe, they lift? what... I know, the wraping of the mind. We can't do that in china those 4 years old kung fu master when they reach listing age, pfff... we aren't here to lie to them, we do our best that's it, that's all, we are sorry for that, that's not better yet, but it takes time, and we have it... as long as it takes... ahh and those kids even in 40+ understand the time they took to reach their kung fu, and still working on it.... the sadness of caligraphy is that sometimes the art is gone, or in vakay... and there is no way but to wait :). and this is what's tragic, time the american had to clean their houses, more than enough, more than can reasonably be expected... always surfing on the next gig to not have to reveal the skelton in the desk. and the potus like a puppet swinging at the mercy of his fake advisors, being traitors, is always broken in pieces. what a shame... the first teacher of china is mr xi... and still among the many, many know more, on many things, and still his job, among others, for the kids of china and those who listen, all of them... the 2025 plan arrives :) there is interest in the street... cramer should be invited in china :). because as much as I have capitulated and surrendered to the idea of saving america (if they can't do the epstein thing, the rest is clearly mission impossible) I still believe they are great americans, including my arch enemy mr michael bloomberg, whose vision lacking dirt, may still be awesome for a while... but at least to get it clean some understand the word ; PURGE... live on bloomberg, the market doesn't care, so much do... buzy buzy,,, move... more... breathing :). hydrate. pathetic... it would be nice if wall street could organize a private security force to defend itself against the us gov until /\ - can eliminate the blockade... it would permit to save a lot... but the hamptons are gone, no way else to erase what they sought... the green, without the cows? a lie. I am sad, but as long as manhattan can be saved, I know the cowboys will take care of themselves... what suprise me is that they don't see the benefits of wiping those pedos... this is really the part beyond me, and like the flying hellfish prefer censorship, i mean it's pathetic to get so yupie or normie or simply in a happy trance, some kind of psycho happy matrix denying of reality... you know the happy goat near the river... even the frog war the goat... please, what did you do to make you so naive and careless, and the goat said, i am american... okay..... we are from the wild she meant looking at hte surface of the water were the eyes looking didn't move, but shined... wild... ohh wild... but mostly hungry... will the frog cooperate in pushing the goat closer or warn it.... the laws the laws... young frog... will learn.... I hope what is going on in america will not infect china... it's all this fakery. I hope kung fu will still sadly and tragically inflict great injuries to it's practinionners, not that I wish it to anyone, quite the contrary, but it's only price of reality, it's not a sport, but real. and I hope it will never be faked, always, like the drying on a fresh beautiful piece of papers... ahh some prefer the sand... yeah.... one shot. so the american pretend to be psycho because they harbor and protect an herd of pedo and allow their rampage, I don't buy it, it's weakness, it's to pretend, once 1 shot, 0 retaliation is establish, fire. I know. it's hard, but it's not possible to even think to think with a nation who has a systematic pedo industry having inflitrated it's own system, I mean it's mind blowing... death to the golden rice, more work on the project first army until it's done. because all this shit show create real space weakness, by tailoring for against the american and space being wide open... I mean... .it's not safe, and I don't speak about americans....... further away.... their own galaxies... so... what to do? I am a little loss concerning usa, as everything is going fine in china... I mean how can such a situation being unlocked without using force and or killing? I mean it's impossible, if they can't even arrest the pedos and their friends it means the american people are the slaves of those psychos... as such I hope we are in full battle preparation mode... once deployed, no one will dare after the facts to even think to flash, for one reason, america will be gone, and who will help it? other pedos gangs? the foreign legion of china can become so yuge... i am curious about those 2800 langagues... has long as they remember to learn the only one as all are not for here... not even as a game, it would an insult to deceny and respect of those earlier, this is what is lacking or gone in the west, this basic respect for the old and the young, the weak and the strong... yeah the shefu is gone... gone... the rumor says fishing, but who knows, so his life... it's so great there isn't one shefu of anything in china... the confort of big numbers... relax, chill, take your time, no stress, better well than none, but please move if asked :) motion... this pedo protection is making america still... the death of the life inside it, even worst than hollowing it out, it's dangerous... they are undying... omg... that's not war material... but so dangerous... khan armies are full of life and once geared and guided toward those undying it's just training, but for them, what they are doing to themselves. such horrors. if I may say they hurt their own shefus to beat them, they can't accept to not have an edge that they prefer to reduce the greatness of others rather than learn from them, even just to improve the game so that both can start to move again... I don't recognize america, and i know it can't be saved now... epstein would in executed since 2008 at least... or even at the first local cop request... and that's the power of china... the lowest budget cop of china has the banking of the entire /\ - if need arise... yeah yeah, entire and more, the entire population, so what is going on? suspicious... interesting, no it's not a conspiracy theory, it's a report on a suspicious activity, nothing burger, but let's go, let's see... what is going on... and the archive began and who knows where this story will lead, maybe a friend of epstein,.... hmmm this is safety, and it has a cost, and it's not in $ but in lives. I am curious when they dehumanize them, and they start to see the others as roaches... what a shame... a dead walking isn't a roach, it's a human being in an asymetrical 0 hope situation, some rare among the /\ - and historically too... even in splitting, 2,3 ,more it stays massive groups in MOTION... ahhh... move, and so the flow, the flow... oohhh we breath... who could be crazy enough to move troops just to breath ? hehehehehe... my opinion too much bible torah ww2 and nazi crap, not enough future proof bbg / cnbc / cctvXXXX conclusion: waiting for the next big step in the various problems of china :) but still the quest continues... just waiting... one day one day... and certainly the lowest budget cop of all of chinas will have play a big part in this great step forward... bigger than paper? who cares anyway... that will be great... the quest... the quest of mankind... and meanwhile the american waste their energy defending their pedos... what a shame.

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