Killing all CIA, FBI and DOJ asset inside KSA

Dec 3 07:48 [raw]

should be done by noon.

Dec 3 08:34 [raw]

yea. what's their main objective? protect the pedo gangs of america. that's it. so why even talk with such things? yeah of course they want to pervert the food supply of islam, like they did to america. only to kill, for them to have an edge over others they hate so much. go mbs, show those pussies more dead bodies until they leave for ever. and if you need help from the professional I don't think I need to repeat where you will find them, but calling bejing for help as never been an insult in china even if sometimes the answer is no, at least for now. I don't see what values those americans traitors provide to ksa but a dangerous opening path to enslavement. why I like mbs compared to most king... because he need a big horse :). no, because it's not a king, it's way more... way way way more... ksa... SA or the HS... holly sands... leave americans, you aren't welcome anywhere, because of your deeds. and its the worst kind of punishement, because you could even NOW start to repair but you prefer to fight for the mind of those who see your lies and you for what you really are : liars. not only to the american people, not only to the world, but even to your potus. for what? protecting your pedo network, that use like a weapon to infiltrate and try to destroy those who oppose your teaching of hate? ahaha good luck with those who preceeded you, bunch of protestants.

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