kiss problem with 2 rig

Dec 5 08:42 [raw]

i have to little rig... one 4 card and one 2 card, should I risk to break it all to make it a 6 card by updating the bios or risk to lose it all... yayaay... the terrible dilema of optimization... advices?

Dec 5 08:43 [raw]

of course right now it's working flawlessly... hard call to make... it could take all day long and would be forced to revert back to the mean... all of this for 50 watt max...

Dec 5 09:33 [raw]

and the diff is so low... hard to miss the show... :).

Dec 5 09:33 [raw]

I agree I would eroei in lifting... there is no doubt about it... the new religion,... lifting... I agree... there is no other path :).

Dec 5 09:43 [raw]

what I really would gain is another entire cpu+mb+ram+power to get bisq running or who knows what sofware this small cpu could fit... and no more vm for bm :).

Dec 5 09:44 [raw]

for now the call is no... let's wait... but it's more an interesting endaevor than one making financial sense...

Dec 5 12:50 [raw]

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty: 5,646,403,851,534

Dec 5 13:24 [raw]


Dec 5 13:45 [raw]

Mining Bitcoin is done exclusively with dedicated Bitcoin mining hardware based on ASICs. You CAN NOT meaningfully mine bitcoin today with CPU, GPU or even FPGAs. Bitcoin difficulty adapts to match the amount of mining done on the network, and has reached levels trillions of times too high to mine meaningfully with PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, webpages, javascript, GPUs, and even generalised SHA hardware. It would cost you thousands of dollars in electricity per year to earn only a few cents in bitcoin. Even if you combined all the computers in the world, including all known supercomputers, you would not even approach 0.1% of the bitcoin hashrate today. There isn't any point attempting to mine bitcoin with CPU or GPU, even in the interests of learning, as it shares almost nothing with how bitcoin is mined with ASICs, and will not teach you anything.

Dec 5 13:57 [raw]

I am solo mining Anoncoin, but I don't expect to collect anything, as my hash rate is only about 49 khash/s! There are NO pools available for Anoncoin mining.

Dec 5 14:53 [raw]

yea the guy so blind he doesn't see that you can mine bitcoin with gpus... just using a derivative... whao ... what a word...

Dec 5 19:31 [raw]

Smaller fees, smaller mining rewards will cause smaller difficulty.

Dec 6 04:27 [raw]

yeah... all the segwit sidechain problematic... so few want to discuss it... how is the side chain feeding the blockchain when it validated... very troubling... would have been better not to split and simply move to a 2mb size... to double again and again to keep one chain... but with pivx I don't care... it's faster, simpler, less energy and of course the privacy features are working well... add the p2p exchange and soon I hope a p2p poker and everything could be smooth from there... but again it's more a side project, I hope with a great future... but btc should remain quoted what so ever, but what will be quoted at the end? the sidechain gig, the big block way? there is no other path but to scale the block, but on the other hand, agreeing to a 1mb block and paying the fees is another path that I like, even if it makes btc only a holding reserve asset and not really a tradeable currency... for me, augmenting the tps is basic 101... I hope pivx will need elastic blocks... who care if there is a tera / minute written in the future... a basic 100mb/s connection should be expected everywhere now a days... fiber laying is quite a great job, so vital in the modern age... and of course interoperability of the network... to be stuck with only one provider while the lines are already laid is so pathetic... and always wanting more money... cornering, legislative cornering... so sad, because it breaks the flow of data and independance... liberty... I am sure internet works better in China on average than in the west... I am curious what is the average data in/out in china today... and tomorrow? who has the slowest connections, where? and the contrary, what is the fastest speed avaiable in china? is there dpi in shanghai before in connecting to the exchange... because when the dpi machine start to lag, it becomes boring to already be queued on scanners before having even reached the exchanges... how does dpi works? with the nsa at least their dpi never affected my ping in sc2 since I screamed it was causing problems... but maybe it wasn't them... I had better pings earlier before, most euro state deployed dpi... so does a dpi queue and scan or only copy ... I guess copy and then analysis is faster... but still I guess it's only possible with splitters?

Dec 6 09:05 [raw]

No one can save every transaction on personal computer. Lightning Network will be work like distributed ledger. Mining nodes will work like central banks. LN nodes will work like banks. So run LN node and earn btc without mining.

Dec 6 16:05 [raw]

64kb is enough.

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