my great soe project... the china fab to break 7nm

Dec 2 20:16 [raw]

I don't know but I love this hubing project... to create a great soe that can mfg 7nm for china wide electronics... would be cool to hub it accross and make it cheap before closing it :). I really want to beat intel, and the other founders (maskers) to be certain that every sector of the economy of the pedo nations are killed in blood bathed. next the project dragon that I love so much the auto artillery of the us army... I would like the same model but better with faster update and a shorter life cycle until it can be fixed on spaceship :). the chinese small auto cannon model 1... the glorious day. anyway... the american pedos falling conglomerate isn't ready to capitulate... I hope the casulaty rate will for once be maximized in former soviet union (ukraina) until a ' living is finally achieve in few seconds, to permits them to refill fast and start to trade in block their insurance provider... I mean death to them all. I hate them, for they did to me, and continue just to do on abc7 swlf... I know they want war, and I can't wait to bring their homes to ashes... their culture to past and be revealed as the contamination it is. fuck america. fuck you americans (but my friends in wallstreet and marked in green, who always, and only them know, respected themsleves first).

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