Help for altcoin noob

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Aug 7 10:32

I want to get a private bitcoin wallet. I read that some services have the wallet keys. This will not do. I also want to get wallets for litecoin, dogecoin, and other valuable altcoins. Where is the best and most secure way to do this? I download one software that said I would need to download over 100 gb of blockchain. This is too much just for a wallet address.

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Aug 7 10:35

I cannot speak to alt coins, but there are various so-called "thin clients" that will get you what you want: Ability to send/receive cryptocurrencies and full posession of the wallet's private kets. For BTC the Electrum client is very reliable and widely used.

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Aug 7 15:39

Open Source JavaScript Client-Side Bitcoin Wallet Generator

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Aug 7 16:12

Take a look at Jaxx

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Aug 8 02:02

I was hoping for something that installs on the machine and manages the keys. This is good, tho. It gets me started.

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Aug 8 02:02


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Aug 8 03:31

I just downloaded and it works flawlessly. It's easy to use. Thanks for suggesting it. Will someone with a pile send me the smallest possible transaction as a test? Here are my new addresses. Pick whatever is cheapest, I suppose. Send me like a penny's worth of something. BTC: 17CAwmU7LuPnJLjRzdfQAauaBTpS2s5sjZ LTC: LWo1x1fE1YowPMiQ8py8TTTJcy5Mej5xHG DGE: DRfJw9fuTLGtk8XK4bXMkGKJvQTx9APvny ZEC: t1NeH3Du4aqTe7dabKtCGdAwz4oqTpNXoPQ ETH: 0x62d84651ef3fbfaa75cd737ecd092df46ce930b8 ETC: 0xa0a64ae499b150e825e391a3a0c8c67b84783311 DSH: Xb9pqV2Jjqby94tzgykCaLwDSR3Vt5YLc2 REP: 0x62d84651ef3fbfaa75cd737ecd092df46ce930b8 That leads to my next question. Is there an easy way to send and receive anonymous payments in USD using anonymous credit cards? I know there are very onerous ways. I want to find something simple.

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