Genghis Koyn warned about SEC clampdown months beforehand

Dec 7 15:05 [raw]

Genghis Koyn warned about SEC clampdown months beforehand. > "The ICO market is a form of social hacking. In the ICO market what we have is blackhat hackers creating "currencies" as a means of fleecing investors. Now instead of the hackers breaking into bank accounts the victims are willingly handing over their cash to the thieves." Months before the SEC Cyber Unit was formed to regulate and prosecute altcoin ICO scams, Genghis Koyn predicted this would likely happen. In September the SEC rolled out its Cyber Unit to respond to this form of social hacking fraud. Uncle Sam has released the hounds on ICOs. The altcoin koolaid drinkers will not listen. They keep losing their money in these schemes.

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