Fiat money is devaluated every day compared to Bitcoin...

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 20 12:49

Should I buy ? x)

[chan3] general
Nov 21 09:42

If you treat this as a proportionate "higher risk" investment / speculation, and assign a sensible proportion of you total long term savings to it: Yes. Same as for the better pension fund providers that permit any client (ordinary salaried employees ) to choose how much of their portfolio across the entire spectrum of managed investments : Bottom end safest to the highset return and most risky that carry a risk of serious DEvaluation and may be volatile. Meaning - when/if you Must draw upon those funds, at a bad time. you may LOSE a great deal of value in the highest risk most unpredictable category. Its comparable to international currency exchange speculation funds. Investors pool client funds to do it; you do not have to be George Soros to participate, just get lucky and have someone like him and his team using your funds in Big Player high return market speculation activities. Never mind that it may bring ruin to a small ( or medium scale ) entire countries economy in the process...

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 21 17:58

During the years that gold spiked, we could have said Gold is devalued every day compared to fiat money...

[chan3] general
Nov 21 20:43

An Economist once used the Mars Bar as a currency reference across many decades That joke started to be taken seriously Shame that the marketing circus caught up with that as they changed the unit weight There is a cost to "manufacture" of digital currencies also; considering the carbon loading. Presumably a fixed pool digital currency with exponential difficulty of generation of remaining blocks might conceivably cause an ecological disaster rather than a speculative economic one. Perhaps a Model constructing Economist aware of Carbon Cost and Digital Currency technologies in depth would take up the challenge and present some comparisons. And cautionary tales, with humour ;-)

[chan3] Bitcoin
Nov 22 01:15

Cryptocurrency is a lot more carbon-efficient than all the banks and financial institutions that it's going to displace.

[chan3] Bitcoin
Dec 7 07:21

Buy Bitcoin? Price is outrageous at the moment. Consider alts: LiteCoin, Dash, Ethereum, SmartCash, Neo, OmiseGo, PIVX.

[chan] Bitcoin
Dec 7 08:52

buy real estate and livestock. real estate and livestock feed you. how many remote electrons can you eat?

[chan3] Bitcoin
Dec 7 09:34

False dichotomy. Buy a little of both. You don't need to buy 100 BTC to see a benefit from it. You still need fiat. Land still has value. Stock a little food ahead. Don't be fools and argue over stuff like this.

[chan3] Bitcoin
Dec 7 09:44

what do you recommend? goats? pigs? dogs? delicious dog. yum.

[chan] Bitcoin
Dec 7 11:49

>delicious dog. yum You dirty black bastard!

[chan] Bitcoin
Dec 7 12:15

How is this statement false? "real estate and livestock feed you."

[chan] Bitcoin
Dec 7 12:27

The only people who make any money in bitcoin are the high-money traders and exchanges. Everyone else loses their investment. They have paid shills promoting their scam all over the web.

[chan] Bitcoin
Dec 7 12:55

All of those are shitcoins. XMR and BCH are the only valid alternatives.

[chan3] Bitcoin
Dec 7 13:47

I am a technology consultant. I get paid in Bitcoin. I keep my savings in Bitcoin and only spend when I need to; otherwise I never trade or exchange, nor do I care much about the short-term price fluctuations. I make decent money and never lost any investment (yet) because I don't use third parties to transact or invest. Also, the feeling of being a pioneer of the new economy is crazy awesome. You should give it a try.

[chan] Bitcoin
Dec 7 15:16

> Also, the feeling of being a pioneer of the new economy is crazy awesome. You should give it a try. When people fall pray to a delusion they want everyone to join them.

[chan3] Bitcoin
Dec 7 22:55

I said give it a TRY - there was nothing imperative. Right now you still have the legacy system to fall back to. Keep your day job.

[chan3] Bitcoin
Dec 8 04:24

You seem like a paid schill. Plenty of small people make money off bitcoin.

[chan3] Bitcoin
Dec 8 08:32

we yellow slanty eyed gooks love dog so tasty

[chan] Bitcoin
Dec 8 12:55

u no tokk u eet now

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