::: GONQ ::: oodles and obbs of odds and ends :::

Nov 9 06:21 [raw]

::: GONQ ::: ::: oodles and obbs of odds and ends ::: ::: fidgets with pidgins & smidgens of gadgets & digits and widgets ::: ::: (broadcast) BM-5oQUrQbR4xu2rnBFGM2A6BLkJMfYvsw ::: Find simple instructions on how to subscribe at the bottom of this message. GONQ is the name of my broadcast. I am building some privacy and cryptography related web sites. I will publish some web site notices to GONQ broadcast. The web sites will host essays, new cryptography primitives and source code. I will publish digital odds and ends you may toy with. These new cryptography primitives include public key algorithms, signature algorithms, symmetric ciphers, ledger verification and hash algorithms. They are novel implementations from original art. If you want me to explain what GONQ means, send me a PM or wait a couple weeks until get back online. I will post a notice to the broadcast. Please don't ask me in the chans. I will be avoiding the chans because of the spam and persistent nuttery. I will check in on the Bitmessage chanosphere every few weeks when traffic appears low (no spamming). Subscription instructions for newbies: 1. click on the 'Subscriptions' tab -> 2. click 'Add new Subscription' (bottom-left corner of interface-> 3. copy and paste the broadcast address into the address box -> 4. type GONQ in the 'Label' field -> 5. click 'OK' button.

Nov 9 11:11 [raw]

your majesty, I can't express my gratitude for this masterpiece :) heheheheheh... what a dangerous splippery path :) yeah the how to was the key... and so I lost the german thing... anyway :D.

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