the ipo market sucks in the west

Dec 4 10:56 [raw]

since tesla, netflix there is nothing interesting. everything is bough by facebook, google, twitter, ebay before it even reach maturation. I find this behaviors completly unpossible anymore... at one point they all sell for a few billions at best (what's app) and are merged in the tech conglomerate who use their power for political goals, like destroying families and killing the cow and bison herds. I mean they have to be stopped. happilly they can't infect china... because the ipo market of china are great. and the ICO's scams, happilly I never felt in one.... what the fuck, if I buy I WANT SHARES not a fake token worth nothing but maybe useful in a uncertain future... while shares at least I can lend them to the short side... Why I don't get paid for my share I don't short?? those markets have become so inefficient.

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