what the foreigners and I may need to revisit in china...

Dec 3 00:08 [raw]

I think it is mostly fear of the unknown... but two concept very close that would need more explaining : the shefu the mandarin 1. the mandarin isn't a language here, it's a shefu in function for the admin. 2. a shefu is a great master / teacher for his student. now you understand the power of the mandarin, some are really the greatest alive, other their students :). in all domains. the thing is that they fear mostly the wrong ones... the laughing shefu... be careful :). this is china. way more than what they fear, but want, ie to control it. and of course with such bad intention china and the world become a very dangerous place to breath in. I know it is sad, but it is the truth, and if you don't want a truce, there is no other path but for some mandarin to excel and other to become. I know... rotation sometimes may appear slow, but once a great mandarin is found and co it's working... anyway it's way more complex. and fundamentally, I can't be confortable watching american tv when I know what they hide and still don't understand the why? why are they doing this cover up on the epstein stuff, I don't understand, disfunctionement can happen even in soyooz craft so what's the problem with a file gone bad gone meta and almost terminal? or is it terminal? how can they let big chunck of the american population whoreship hillary when what they were accomplice is only clearer everyday? I don't understand why the potus doesn't act on the matter and who stop him from acting? name, give name... seriously it's a stressful situation for china safety to know that the usa is harboring pedophile in it's own gov, and that the epstein file is a perfect example with the polanski one... it's just fearcreating and not business conducive nor friendly. soldiers family need a peaceful and safe homefront, but mearchant too..... so what is going on? who is responsible and why aren't they executed while assange is in jail? I really don't get it... and I would appreciate some help in understanding all this issue, I could be wrong or not have understood something, but it seems pretty clear, and I seem to be the only one in what I watch even mentionning it, while when I research I can find many more way more qualified, meaning there is a problem with what I watch... is it because I watch it?

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