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Dec 2 14:47 [raw]

for me it's the raise of power of the pedo network of the west trying to infect the world with their lies and scams to make a few uber rich for them to rape worldwide girls like jeffrey epstein or roman polanski... so yes, it's not a success but the total contrary... like invading the house of the kalif of bagdad... good job colin... good job... what a shame,,, and all those nsa tools, who know exactly which girl was raped when, left in the dust, at least in china those tools are used and result sometimes on bust so attrocious they are blacked out, but rest assured the guilty die, all of them, what ever their ranks... wiping the family of colin powel will be a great achieve of the liberation forces. fuck you americans, you have deceive WE THE PEOPLE... jeffrey epstein, roman polanski... please give us a chinese name... and see... and proof, real, let us work in your land , and you willl see if we prove it, we can guarantee DEATH. you can't even provide safety to your own children... and what about us? US ? YES WE WALL STREET? haven't WE been betrayed enough? spied upon? restrain in your buying of plants of the creation or what ever this time you want to prohibit our men or women from doing? and you have not even shame to come again and again on tv? at least ghb was discrete, not a rat seeking always more to say relevant in a fake circus... when I see america now, I can only be happy that the last feodal order was smashed away... you guess it right with an F, like CAPITAL LETTERS :). Finance... because economy is too personal... but Finance... yeah, there is the trust in it... and we don't trust in god, but In God We Trust.

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