[chan3] Bitcoin
Nov 13 17:20

Has been down for the last day or two?

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 13 17:29

<img src="data:..."/>

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 13 20:40

wish it was. that censored shithole should stay down forever.

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 13 21:46

Oh boy lets's start arguing about what "censoring" is and whether or not a site admin has the right to "censor"

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 15 05:54

Did you know about chia coin? Proof of time, disk space.

[chan3] Bitcoin
Nov 15 07:09

So chia is from BitTorrent Inc., which promised to provide BTSync sources eventually and didn't do it when developed main part of the software. They shouldn't be trusted.

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 15 09:39 It hasn't been developed yet. "We plan to sell Chia to the public next year" It's just a scam to get your money. Be told!

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 15 13:58

Why scam? We should check every rules in cryptocurrency. Proof of stake in cryptocurrency is scam, because rich people will only get reward. Proof of work are scam, because people with huge computers and cheap electricity get reward. Fees are scam also. In BM we have only proof of work to send text. No fees, no reward. IOTA coin have similar system. Why proof of time, disk space is scam? Is reward system in Emule scam? It works better than bittorrent.

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 20 12:32

bitcoin hater ?

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 20 13:14

I'm rather jealous that I wasn't one of the early adopters of Bitcoin. One of those that mined hundreds or thousands of BTC just on the CPU of their old laptop, whose coins are now worth millions of dollars.

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 20 13:35

My little stash of 25 BTC I mined with a $120 graphics card is worth almost $200,000 now. I hodled it this whole time.

[chan] Bitcoin
Nov 20 15:49

Which one of the developers planted the NSA backdoor into the software?

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