The new Internet Banking, now without a bank

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Jan 12 13:56 [raw]

Guys, Did you know that you can test the Lightning Network on the testnet right now, without installing any software. Go to with Javascript enabled, get a wallet, load up some test coins and try making some payments to some test Lightning services: - - - It's faster, easier, safer and more private than your bank, and the most exciting thing is: THERE IS NO BANK. You know all those nasty little people in suits inside all those tall buildings with bank logos on top, who spy on your transactions and try to dictate what you can do with your hard-earned money? Yeah, we just made them irrelevant. What a time to be alive.

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Jan 12 14:14 [raw]

Where do I get some test coins from?

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Jan 12 14:18 [raw]

For example, post an invoice for ~50000 satoshi on this channel, in the next 30 min.

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Jan 12 14:27 [raw]

I have no Bitcoins. Not any.

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Jan 12 14:31 [raw]

In the web wallet, go to Receive, enter the amount 0.00050000, click Request Payment. Copy the Lightning Invoice string (ltnb....) and send it to the payer (me in this case). BTW, the invitation is for everyone reading this, valid until 15:00 GMT (12 Jan 2018). Post an invoice here and I'll load some test coins into your web wallet.

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Jan 12 16:00 [raw]

Can somebody send me some tBTC for test? lntb5m1pd93keepp53vjwdxq4ma7cwf9s3jg6ytuuu200sepx7g277k2yzgefdxenpkgqdz80v3xjg36yfjxvd35xyerqdedvenrvcedx3snwe3dvguxgd3dx5cxyvpkxfnxye3kxdjjylgcqzysj7u90tc3askmydzyvgxty0rhk7mxjhhufeg82kd2zve3csdy2kwxjt5pavrkszr7s8a54hnt38q5s3ja4kl7l8q8n6d0322qln3c5pqpfn4ktq

Jan 12 16:01 [raw]


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Jan 12 16:10 [raw]

Your invoice is for 0.00500000 tBTC ($68.30 tUSD) I'm can't send you that much! I only have 0.00016000 tBTC ($2.19 tUSD)

Jan 12 16:15 [raw]

It appears that my wallet balance is now 0.00066000 tBTC ($9.02 tUSD) How do I send it to you?

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Jan 12 16:19 [raw]

You need the payee to issue you an invoice for the exact amount. Here's an invoice from me, for 3000 satoshis: lntb30u1pd93h7tpp50su9ah6s9ncs2fl027ce5svrmh7448cuqwr2rdq2ghaed4g3m2wsdpzwa5xzapqdpshqur9deejq6twypmx2empwvcqzysxqrrss5666ypq48qwe28t0qnt5x7gfmc6lvldtcr3d0xykem37gfps3zq4g875uwt9dxng544qq3geg0d5g98qzy7u6z30n8aqcmuepstv7scqd9g3an

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Jan 12 16:32 [raw]

How to use this tBTC in reality? Any possibility to change to BTC or any other real coin?

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Jan 12 16:47 [raw]

You can only use them for software development, testing and interoperation - they have exactly the same technical properties as mainnet bitcoin, but exist on a separate blockchain with zero mining difficulty and zero value.

Jan 12 17:10 [raw]

I have given it to you, and you have received it from me. Sent Payment Amount: 0.00003000 tBTC ($0.41 tUSD) what happens in vegas Relay Fee: 0.00000001 tBTC (1 Lightning Relay) Total: 0.00003001 tBTC ($0.41 tUSD)

Jan 12 17:13 [raw]

Current Wallet Balance 0.00062999 tBTC ($8.61 tUSD) If you request 0.00062998 tBTC from me, I will send it to you.

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Jan 12 17:36 [raw]

You really need to trust that the criminals that are running these websites won't steal your money. Or that their websites won't suddenly vanish, along with your coins.

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Jan 13 01:57 [raw]

Thank you. They say it's better to give than to receive, so what's that tell you? :)

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Jan 13 02:49 [raw]

> You really need to trust that the criminals that are running these websites won't steal your money. Or that their websites won't suddenly vanish, along with your coins. A common misconception, when you think in terms of the legacy banking system. But unlike banks, Bitcoin is trustless by design. If you need to trust anyone, you'll know straight away you're doing something wrong. With Bitcoin, including the Lightning network, both the private keys that control the disposition of the funds and the software that generates and validates transactions are on *your own* computer. You are the bank. There's no criminal banker to lock you out of your account, revert your transactions or steal your funds. It's only you and a network of your peers. The website is only a technology demonstrator: to get a preview of the system before investing any time and resources into getting your own. Of course you wouldn't store any real money on an external website, that's why people are closing their savings accounts from the legacy banks. But uses test coins which you can safely transfer, spend or lose because they have no value. This is the idea of the testnet, a free-for-all worldwide testing facility where software developers and testers can go wild without worry that a fuck-up (technical or human) could cause real-life hardship. So go wild, folks! Worst thing that can happen if you fuck up is we all get to laugh at you, in a supportive way, of course :) We're playing the global finance fight-to-death match with infinite lives. If this isn't beautiful, then what is?

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Jan 13 02:55 [raw]

Yes please, and thank you! lntb629980n1pd9ja8zpp5peahjqgkhmpztyds23cxaqwdnasjqud40afazgqljcs66qnd5rvqdpdfynk6gr0dcs8g6tvdssyjfmdyphkugrpdcsxjumvv9hxgcqzysxqyz5vqwnqwueprs8sulcarwqz4mt5rmur533yuard8ermh0tdm7wcgz6d5pz8gaplw4fpjk8dtg544wjxsessacpq64zgpm4ypfj80akgmmrqqu6rywn

Jan 13 08:41 [raw]

I tried to send it to you, but it came up in red and said network error or server error, so I don't know if the payment went through correctly. In any case, it still took my money, so my Current Wallet Balance is now 0.00000001 tBTC ($0.00 tUSD), so I don't have enough funds to try again. I would be interested to know whether you did receive 0.00062998 tBTC from me, and if you didn't receive it, where did it go to?

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Jan 13 14:28 [raw]

Sorry, not received. There's a Javascript bug on that page that doesn't refresh the balance correctly after an unsuccessful transaction. You can work around it, for now, by waiting 5 minutes and reloading the main page. The funds are still in your account and should be displayed after a refresh. Anyway, here's a new invoice if you still wish to get rid of those test coins :) lntb629980n1pd95940pp59jeywjqxtwmgxesakpdf9zr73t8e7c4xl8hca6hkpcf03m5vr4ssdz80v3xjg36ygungdt9xqekyepdxejnjdpdx33nzepd8yuxzv3dv33rzvfevvunzvecxfnzylgcqzys9mq6nt3lvluqqjmq8w5ctnd5wkkq39am5599npd6t4mmq497lmw4uwfqsjksl232jtczxcgs7q454t2l4d4xjge66nd0005he3c82gqqmgmgfc

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Jan 13 19:03 [raw]

<img src="data:..."/>

Jan 13 19:06 [raw]

That invoice has expired. Send one to my private address, and I'll see what I can do.

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Feb 6 16:50 [raw]


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