Dec 5 06:49 [raw]

I know for sure that bitcoin will only grow! But unfortunately I'm 11 years old and my mother does not believe me, does not give money, and I do not want to live in this country, I want to study in Europe and become the owner of the corporation, when I grow up i wanna be like Bill Gates, I love him very much. I postpone everything that is given to me in bitcoin, but so far I have very little, we have never had much money and a difficult fate. I'm very much afraid that I will not be able to make money when bitcoin is 100,000 and I can not get paid for my studies. I'm from Russia and I do not have single minded people and those who could take, although I ask all the time. with all my heart I beg please give me 5 dollars! :( Here is my bitcoin-purse: 1PtHbXRuLq2XLHkass2oWLvPqKxfmKBzWs

Dec 5 08:17 [raw]

Fuck off, you dirty black scrounging bastard! Nobody on here would give you the steam off their piss.

Dec 5 23:53 [raw]

More like a Jihadi from Jemen.

Dec 15 03:52 [raw]

Hi.Tired of living! Raising money for a cremation. WMR 954222448936 WMZ 390157451152 WMX 339669486230 BTC 16SsJCYZ7rpgADeh66pUtgdcmfQorLdaLZ ETH 0x8576aA6B2990dd74a2041A892c5EEf97bBcfE079

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