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Nov 9 05:56 [raw]

I subscribed as you requested. I got your broadcast test messages. I will post information about my own new broadcast soon. If anyone else plans to do this please set your message TTL for at least 14 days - long enough for me to get back here. Thank you for the courtesy. Please share this idea on your other darkweb social services such as ZeroNet and deepweb forums. I will broadcasting some new websites. I will publish some new cryptography algorithms for you to toy with.

Nov 9 11:02 [raw]

yeah... me too :) !!! that's a shame that this beautiful expression was associated to such hainous war crimes... so m2... and what I am saying is that I tried to add some kind of german stuff but I am not sure it worked... it's a nice concept I agree I should try it... the broad... is a little may be too broad for me :D that's the problem here, it's not clear :) hehehe. so back to the matter... yeah... I am convince by the utility of this solution, it would be less spammy from my side to say the least... I will try to add yours and see how it works... patience, an art that some zombies have mastered contrary to all appearances :) ahahah... the spider zombies :D yeah... broadway from the air ... is amazing, what's the street on the right from the other side?

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