Seek and ye shall find

Mar 11 11:31 [raw]

This isn't a university class. The foregoing are original and ancient works, so there are no references. If you are too blind to see what's in front of your face, with their pedophile and sun god symbolism all over everything they touch, with the references in their speeches, their slogans, and their signs, then you no amount of references will ever help you stop being blind. learning doesn't come from references. References are something you use when your knowledge is founded on someone else's statements. When your knowledge is from your own experience, you direct people to a body of knowledge, not to a reference. If I were to say that aeronautics has changed the world, I don't give you a reference to some professor's paper. I direct you to study aeronautics and figure out for yourself the broad body of knowledge that proves how aeronautics changed the world. The answers come from the long view of having deeply examined many things. The truth that a human-sacrificing cult of sun and moon worshippers rules the world is not an opinion up for dispute. It's the truth, and your blindness to it is your problem. Peruse the countless old books on the subject that you can find in any university library. Many hundreds of thousands of these old books are available at and on google books. If you want "references" you're not interested in learning and understanding. You're interested in seeing how to regurgitate talking points on a subject. No references will be provided. "Seek and ye shall find."

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