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BitText GIRLEMPIRE: THE GIRLS EMPIRE --- A OFF-THE-CUFF REVIEW Date: 06.07.2018 06:39:33 UTC From: BM-NBGDF9LBHo2fJZKUFDGPVAm4gRgUQMXL Part: 1/1 THE GIRLS EMPIRE --- A OFF-THE-CUFF REVIEW I didn't even bother to google the article to learn the author. There's no need to because it's illogic and serpentine hypocrisy is easy to expose. The essay is a clever, papal imperialist, homosexualist propaganda piece. A deep state stool pigeon likely had a hand in writing it. While pretending to castigate imperialism, it attacks the only thing in the world that has crushed all imperialism: America. The article neglects to mention that the cultural insanity in America is cultural marxism piped in by agents from Russia and Germany, and neither American in origin, nor even believed in by the great majority of Americans. The same freemasons of the old invisible empire are praying to balkanize America and feudalize Europe for breaking their papal, Roman empire. The article's purpose is to support the goals of the Papal / Luciferian / Isis / Freemason / Roman cult: "Universal brotherhood of man" ("fratrifocal society"); Pharisaical hatred of women; It was clearly promoting homosexuality. In fact, the author claims men have no natural sexual attraction to women. It posits a lunatic theory that females did not exist some 150,000 years ago, that men reproduced with other men. Explain why men have genitals, if they are not meant to penetrate a vagina, like all the other mammals? Did female tigers and cows also not exist 150 thousand years ago? It's clear the author is trying to bypass the reader's moral filters with his clever innuendo that men are naturally faggots. This is something Greg Johnson the counter-current queer could have written. It sounds like the same Greco-Roman faggotry of the old pagan cults that white nationalsts laud. In all, the piece was twisted, full of Soviet / Freemason / Jesuit / Pharisee / Isis cult lies. It denigrates women, when in fact well-trained women are a wonderful asset to any family or community. It is cultural marxism (not Americanism) that ruins women and makes them inimical to society. The article pretends to notice the nanny state has co-opted women, but that is because the very freemasons behind these ideas have done it, then issued confusing black and grey propaganda (like this article) to misdirect. The article says the American empire will fall with remonstrances of tribal government. No, America won't fall. Surely it is corrupt. Name one government in world history that was not corrupt, if you can. Even all tribal governments (oh, the halcyon days before toilets) and regional governments have also always been corrupt, too. All men are born into corruption, yet the author would have us believe that tribal homosexual brotherhood would fix all that. The difference with old regimes and the American Empire is that it possesses earth's prime real estate, between the 49th parallel and the Rio Grande, the most fertile land on earth, The most defensible land on earth, the largest population of unmixed Aryans with high average intelligence and high time preference. The whole world depends on America, yet is resentful of this dependence. The Jacobin branch of Freemasons wants world socialism for their anti-aryan Pope-king. (the author despises American individualism, which requires individual strength and responsibility). The old blue lodge wanted the "brotherhood of man" which was not quite as bad as red socialism, but still bad. Technology and mass mind have outpaced their plans for world domination, and now America has become a self-running machine. The bureaucracy does not make decisions to keep America running. It runs on its own, a real "golem" of sorts. The federal reserve was erected to control America, but then took on a life of its own, and dominated its parents, like a Cyrus conquering an Astyanges. Unlike the empires of old, America has fed, and continues to feed huge swaths of the world, and generally only demands the oil needed to keep the ships moving. Other countries do not pay tribute to America. America throws endless billions of dollars annually to other countries, loans her military to other empires it could just conquer outright, and does a whole laundry list of humanitarian things empires never do. Yet the fagmasons and whitemason woman-haters still dream of the glory of old Imperial Russia rising up again, when Isis ruled the known world through her Roman dukes. America will kill Isis, and chop off the head of her Nimrod son. Jacob is ruling, and you will decrease. Throw the bitch, Jezebel down from her tower! Feed her to the dogs! Feed her to Islam! Feed her to China! Feed her to Turkey! Like white nationalists, the author attacks the Jews with more lies about the Talmud condoning child molestation. The Romans have always wanted to destroy the Jews, because the Jews always resisted Roman power. The Jews traditionally hate Isis worshippers, and Isis worshippers (Romans, Freemasons, etc.) hate Jesus Christ and Jehovah. America gave the pope a cosmic middle finger when it manoevered Britian to establish the Israeli state and made it a permanent aircraft carrier in the holy land, a holy land Rome wants back under Islamic (Isis) control. America, by defending the Israeli state, is telling the Jesuits, Freemasons, Russians, and Germans to go fly a fucking kite. The crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe is Palestine and the Levant. And America controls this, and is building a greater Israeli empire to ensure the old empires of Isis can never rise again. The faggot who wrote THE GIRLS EMPIRE can't understand the craziness of geopolitics. He just goes to the hackneyed propaganda about Jewish perfidy, not understanding that Israel is an extension of America's power, a response to the old Papal empires of Europe and their centuries of endless bloodletting. So these Romans agitate for white nationalism, to turn the holy land over to Roman control once again. They spew a stream of lies about the Jews, to agitate whites into believing the Israeli state somehow has control of America, when NOBODY has control of America-America is a leviathan with a life of its own, an intertia or momentum that can't be steered by human reigns. That inertia is to break down all impediments to human liberty, and step on the heads of those who think otherwise. THE GIRLS EMPIRE is a mish-mash of homosexualist, anti-female, anti-family, anti-christ propaganda, that hides behind accusations against other depraved people and movements, but is spawn of its own depravity. It's just another attack against America disguised with supercilious moralism we come to expect from papal Fagmason agents. The America the Jacobins tried to build turned out to overthrow his parents and become his own man. This is an ongoing rebellion the papacy, the pharisees, and the isis cult will never forgive. Neither will America forgive them, when he eventually erases them all from the earth like their fellow cockroaches.

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