Uganda: Muslims armed with swords and clubs tore through a Christian pastor's property

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Dec 5 07:49

Uganda: Muslims armed with swords and clubs tore through a Christian pastor's property, attacking his church, farm, and home. The pastor, Christopher Kalaja, a married father of six, said, "As they were approaching, they were shouting 'Allah Akbar' and immediately started cutting down the trees on my farm, and thereafter pulled down the church building. I then took off for the sake of my life." He filed a lawsuit against the vandals, prompting police, who were initially unresponsive, to visit the site and summon the suspects. "Since then, I have been receiving threats that they will come for my life, that they will soon destroy me completely." Driven from his home, he and his family have since taken refuge inside a thatched hut of a friend. This is only the latest attack on him and his family from the residents of the predominantly Muslim region: "My outreach to Muslims has led to all these fights that I have been receiving from the Muslims. These people have been hunting for me since the early '80s. And as a result, they even managed to kill my mother by poisoning, and after the death of my mother, they went ahead and killed my livestock. They are provoking me to leave the area."

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