War is simmering in South Africa

Jun 28 09:40 [raw]

Continuing genocide in South Africa. Communist ANC continues to incite blacks to steal Boer and Afrikaaner farms, rape and kill white farmers. International community turns a blind eye to this genocide. Boers and Afrikaaners have enlisted Israeli Defense Forces to train white farmers in guerilla warfare tactics. Israeli special forces are on the ground in South Africa teaching the Boers how to organize armies and wage warfare. Former South Africa special forces commandos have set up a training community to turn young Afrikaaners and Boers into guerilla fighters. If this keeps up the whites in South Africa are going to stop this genocide by force of arms. Then the international community, which has ignored the genocide, will probably complain about "Boer rebels" ruining the "rainbow nation."

Jun 28 10:33 [raw]

Unfortunately so.

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