Direct flights in southern hemisphere

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Jul 11 17:12 [raw]

I found a video on YouTube where the man shot video of himself flying over Antarctica where he ought not. I decided to look into the man who uploaded the video, and he turned out to be one of the lead scientists in the space program who tours the world indoctrinating people through schools and museums. So the man who posted a video of himself going over the south pole, just so happens to be connected to NASA and the space division with connections to military... yeah, whada coincidence. And it's funny that BEFORE flat-earthers started noticing that flights don't go over Antarctica, there was curiously no flights and no evidence. Flat earth supporters started noticing this, and talking about it, and posting videos about it, and... SUDDENLY SHIZAM!!! articles started popping up all over the interwebs! GO FIGURE You see this is how they play the game, they can write new history all they want. They can even post an article about how a bunch of explorers hiked across Antartica in the 50s if they want, and all they would need is to have some old photos of men walking in the snow. How would anyone know the difference—especially considering how featureless most of Antarctica is. Would you know it from certain parts of Alaska in the winter if no one told you different? And then there's just the fact that the very first person who greets you on this site wants you to give up and go away. I see you've met your first SHILL! His very presence here attests to the fact that YOU are onto the truth. But don't worry, half the flat-earthers on this site are also shills. If they were't, they would boot the ass-hat above off the site. But he's allowed to be here because they all play the same game... they don't want you to learn the truth. They'd be quicker to ban me, a believer, than they would to ban the shills. So WHO said they took that flight across Antarctica? People you know personally? People from the airport? People on TV? Who? You gotta be careful, "who" can make all the difference in the world. Why would people even feel it necessary to advertise it, unless they just want to make sure people hear it.

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Jul 11 23:52 [raw]

Hi, I am new here and new to the flat earth theory. From a biblical sense it makes a lot of sense to me. Jesus said when he comes again every eye will see him and I always wondered how that could be if the earth is a globe. I digress. My question is the following People claim that there are no direct flights from South Africa to Australia, but I saw a direct one from Johannesburg to Australia , it was very expensive, but only about 12 hours and some people claim that they actually took the flight, so its not bogus. I know most of the flights go via the east but this really rattle my case. ??? They also saw the ice from antartica. Next question. I can onderstand the ice on the so called south pole region on the flat earth model, but why are there ice in the north pole as well?

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Jul 11 23:52 [raw]

Well, my good Sir, it rattles your case, because you want to believe the earth is flath. Maybe because it makes the most sense to you in particular (and a VERY few other people on a global scale, think about it), and that is all well and dandy. However, it rattles your case because this doesn't support the Flat Earth Model, and this exact question is left unanswered by those of whom are known to have the most scientific sound evidence for a flat earth. So in short, it rattles your case, because it in reality disproves what you belief: The earth isn't flat.

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Jul 15 03:10 [raw]

The reason they don't have commercial flights over Antarctica anymore is that 40 years ago a commercial flight from Christchurch, NZ to Antarctica crashed into mount Erebus while it couldn't see it in the snow, being strangely enough completely white all over the horizon, and indistinguisable from the rest of the continent. As a result of 70 odd kiwis dying on a sight-seeing flight over the ice, the NZ government banned commercial flights to Antarctica and restricted flights to summer military resupply missions, with commercial access remaining open to cruise ships. However, as I actually have met with scientists from Antarctic missions, and studied the history of Sir Ed Hillary's expeditions to Nepal and Antartica in the 50s, I don't have to make up paranoid delusional fairytales that deny reality. Oh, and a big fuck you to trying to make it a myth.

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