The Internet as the Eighth Branch of Government

Jul 23 17:23 [raw]

The Root Branch - The Internet as the Eighth Branch of Government: Twisted Pair Copper - Wrapped Around Our Brains gumshoe @ BM-NBRQvvdGcHXCHbFBMxuS5HavdE3b3UPx ________________________________________________________________ "The Internet was originally built as an overlay upon the telephone network, while today (through the advent of VoIP), the telephone network is increasingly turning into an overlay network built on top of the Internet." { } Bitmessage (and other privacy apps) is used mainly overlaid on Tor, which is overlaid on the Internet, which is overlaid on a huge pool of small world networks (telcos, backbone providers, etc.) and some of these small world networks are overlaid on each other with parts of them overlaid on parts of the Internet again. What is missing from this "torte layer cake", and always has been missing, is a secure bedrock foundation beneath these overlays. The Internet lacks a foundation engineered with clear understanding that it will securely support any configuration of overlays for at least a few centuries into the future, and can scale and grow to support what may come. Men are every designing for immediate agendas and desires of their benefactors. Freedom and security do not froth from lickspittlery and lapdoggery. IP was designed for surveillance. It was born in DoD hospital, delivered by Dr. DARPA and Nurse ArpaNet. The foundational intent of early IP design was "total global surveillance." This is why programmers find themselves working against the design of IP to create secure protocols and networks. IP was only meant to be secure for those who control it through legislative code, corporate code, and "national security directives" rather than computer code. This command and control mentality has infected all national Internets of all nations. Consider the Great Firewall of China. Look to North Korea, where absolute Internet censorship betrays the true impetus of the Internet. The North Koreans did not subvert the purpose of the design in their absolute control of data--they've just operated it most effectively. If the Internet had not been designed by spooks working for megalomaniacs then both Chinese and Korean censorship of the wires and waves would never have been possible in the first place. In the Internet foundational topology I propose below censorship is physically and monetarily impossible. Let people of good conscience begin to push for and build the alternative before it is too late. The proper foundation for a multi-national or worldwide network is a crytographic, key routed network where any device coming online can route both for the network and any of its many layers of overlays that can reach the device. Any kind of PKI or algorithms can be used, tailored to the requirements of each device owner, or small world network. IP addresses would be replaced by cryptographic keys which can't be spoofed. This would allow thousands to billions of small-world, low power transmitters to connect haphazardly without any necessary infrastructural design on their location or capacity. With a standard PKI "world-hop protocol," all devices connected to the small worlds can reach the big world and any other device with a path. In a key-routed network such as this a cell phone could work if it were within range of any device connected to the network, and a cellphone within range of that cellphone could reach the network through the first phone. Any computer could connect through any other device within proximity or any device that transmit for physical ports. Every device would be a router, transmitter, switch, and server. With a foundation of a key-routed network and anonymous routing at the foundation, surveillance would be extremely expensive. Any device could change its keys arbitrarily and establish new routing connections arbitrarily, adding to the expense. Firewalls would be key-based, and by nature far more secure than IP tables or other current kinds of firewalls. If a requesting peer's key is not in the domain controller's allowed list, over a connection that enforces keyed data, penetration is impossible. Such a network is decentralized by nature and naturally resistant to both surveillance and censorship. Projects like Crypto-currencies, Freenet, ZeroNet, I2P, and Bitmessage do not address this fundamental flaw within the Internet. They try to make do with it, spreading fresh butter over the top of moldy bread. Before we waste more decades on avoidance projects like these, security and privacy activists need teeth to either reform or abolish organizations like IETF, NIST, etc. and replace them with the eighth branch of government. Read one example of how these standards-promoters have left us insecure: "Years of in-fighting over the DNSSEC standard have left Internet users unnecessarily exposed to malware. ... That's according to DNS (Domain Name System Security Extension) inventor, Paul Mockapetris, who said that the 15 years in which the DNSSEC standard was debated by the IETF was far too long-winded a process and meant that security issues in the standard DNS infrastructure had not been addressed." [] NIST serves the interests of spooks and IETF serves the interests of its corporate sponsors, mainly corporations connected to the spooks. Is it any wonder they would argue for 15 years without patching up holes, when a few young geeks might have designed a more secure system in a few months? The people of USA (and all nations) need Internet and security standards bodies that are demilitarized, de-corporatized, politically sanitized. These bodies should be staffed by spook-free, academia-free staff members. These staffs should consist of elected officers and not subject to Congressional mandates except in funding. Congress should not have the power to tell them how to design topology, because Congress couldn't design a small field range for a pissing contest. Currently we have corporate and establishment lackeys and ideologues running influential design and oversight bodies. Is it any wonder the Internet seems to grow more insecure as time passes? Look at DNSSEC and IPv6 for examples of spooky boondogglery. If you doubt that the Internet was born in a surveillance culture go read the RFCs and look at the names of authors and companies involved. There you will find the shadow intelligence state represented through its corporate and academic front men. Even the open source community is promoting their slave-labor propaganda, which basically amounts to countless programmers donating countless millions of hours of free time to program us into a more solid surveillance state. Spooks seem to infiltrate like roaches. Some projects that claim to promote privacy software are staffed by spooks. Were we all born yesterday? The spook culture is simple. Once you are in, you are in for life and their is no getting out, unless you tranfer to prison. Once a spook, always a spook. The Internet must be separated from spook culture before it enslaves the minds of every soul on earth to their dogmatic religion of statism and money power. The only way to fumigate these roaches off our Internet is to place the design and maintenance of the Internet in care of a new, separate branch of government unshackled from the other powers that be. The management of the Internet, in order to be free in the future, must be overseen by a eighth branch of government apart from spooky, academic, corporative, fiscal, legislative, judicial, and executive branches. We might call it: "the root branch of government". This would free the Internet from the talons of the deep state so that its future development is steered by the popular will. This would strengthen free exchange and cultural progress in our small world communities and transparency in the big world that connects them.

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