Dictionary spam is new numbers station.

Jul 26 21:25 [raw]

Shannon's information theory explicitly predicts the rate of communication noise in a steganographic system. Having personally designed a steganographic watermarking system for DRM, this is a reasonable conclusion to state that the overheads are nearly as high as feasible. Remember that in this algebraic number system, we have enough space to fit large character systems such as chinese, japanese, or korean. Hell, even emojis. We know that the inherent AES pki has been broken for some years now, my figures indicate since the last 15 years. Hell, if you have thunderbolt 1 on a mac, it is fast enough. What is also known is that the messages go off chan space into private mailing lists, then none of the public can see that traffic get exchanged on bitmessage because it does not go in their messages inbox. We would literally miss the entire conversation, and the network would marginally move faster for the public. I say again, the spam is for two purposes. Mainly an algebraic numbers station. Also to annoy the living fuck out of all regular users of BM trying to enjoy the chans.

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