Nov 4 19:07 [raw]

Quantum computers don't exist. They are part of a brainwashing campaign. Spooky Mart already has backdoored much crypto. They need a ruse, or cover for it. When it gets discovered, suddenly they have the option to come out with a 'quantum' explanation. Cryptographers are publishing papers on how to encrypt 'qbits' when 'qbits' are a fantasy item that do not exist. People are taking this dorkspew seriously. I smell an electric rat. Nerds will snarf that 'quantumfoolery' up like tootsie rolls. The whole idea of quantum computers is a bunch of metaphysical quackery with no basis in reality. Despite this we see 'cryptographers' creating 'quantum' algorithms. Even cryptography has become a politically correct joke. There seems to be no sector of thought untouched by the snotty hands of crayonophagic, snotgobbleresque believers in quantumfoolery.

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