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Dec 2 08:04 [raw]

[I saw the grunge in the general channel then I unsubbed. I am re-posting here.] I am not a certified server admin. This is directed to anyone with broad knowledge of Apache at admin super power range. I configured a remote httpd server in another part of the world with Apache2 and php7. Average page load time is 0.450 to 0.475 seconds. It visually appears to load almost instantaneously in Firefox. I can't hammer-test it since the security policy would ban my IP and it would take tech support a couple hours to unban it. This the time from sending request to complete browser response with page data. This is without CDN or Cloudflare. Is this good? What should I expect? What might I try to decrease the load time? As an aside I thought it good to mention: I used PHP back in the old, old days. I hadn't looked at a line of PHP code for years until this week. PHP 7 is screaming fast. It iterated through a directory with many deep subdirectories of almost 15,000 files and folders and output an echoed, formatted, html-linked file list for me in 0.5 seconds. To put that in perspective it is faster than Linux find on the same machine. I was quite surprised.

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