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Jul 16 17:12 [raw]

Chan 411 is free of dogmatic papal censorship. The pope censors real Christianity under the pretext of "freedom of expression". But we know that "freedom of expression" only applies to SJWs, Nazis, satanists, pedophiles, baby-slayers, and criminals. But when it comes to biblical Christian doctrine, the hounds wail and bark about how offensive it is. Chan 411 is free of dogmatic papal censorship. If you don't like people testifying about the Son of God and exposing your papal devil, you might not want to read this chan. You fagmasons have only a short time before you are yanked back by your leashes and thrown into the pit. All secret societies in the world, including the mafia, the freemasons, the knights of malta, deep state organizations, churches, ecumenical councils, bar associations, police unions, "democratic" governments--all of them are, and always have been tentacles of the Roman anti-Christ. They all serve Rome. They offer up a variety of covers and lies to deceive you into bending your knee to Roman power, by hook or crook. It is not a "conspiracy theory." History is the ultimate story of conspiracies, morons. The pope is the representative of the dark lord of lies, indwelt by his demonic spirit. He is lucifer. The spirit of lucifer indwells all popes and political leaders who are "inaugurated." Augury is demon worship. Go look it up. To be "inaugurated" means to call a spirit to come "in" to you - IN + AUGUR - it is literally a ceremony where the person accepts possessio by the "light" bearer, who is lucifer. This is the "secular" religion that rules you, and you being a dumbass, actually believe that "secular" means "no religion" when it really means, "no CHRISTIAN religion." Jesus Christ also indwells his people with a spirit of true light. The false light (lucifer) that indwells the pope is nothing but darkness and death. "He appears as an angel of light..." Because you love the things of the world, this simple, common-sense evades your understanding. There is a God of Heaven, and there is a devil, sent to test you, to see if you will join him in rebellion and denial of the God. God created the devil for this very purpose--to show who is true and faithful, and who is a liar. The true and faithful will be raised up from the dead to life everlasting. It is not possible for you to understand this while you are indwelt with the spirit of the demon-liar and his minions. When you believe their lying words, their "spirit" (mouth-breathing) enters your mind and takes control of your perceptions, blinding you. When you are deceived, because you are deceived you are blind, in darkness. What you see is drawn for you by the deception. When God enlightens the mind, he shows you how all men are lying, babbling, and regurgitating lies and foolishness as if it were all grand wisdom. Those who hate Jesus Christ are literally the children of the devil, because they have chosen him to transform their minds to darkness. Thus they believe in stupidity like evolution, the big gang bang, heliocentrism, and atheism, not realizing that every adamant atheist has a god named lucifer that literally dwells in their minds, lying to them, blinding their understanding with lie upon lie, deception upon deception. There is no reasoning with these brute beasts because God has turned their minds over to depravity, to let the devil have his way with them, to bring about in them wrath, to show the world their character and the character of the liar they worship. All papists and luciferians hate these truths. They mock them, belittle them, thinking themselves wise. When the serpent finally digests them, they will revile with hatred those who warned them of the coming judgment. I will continue to expose the anti-christ pope and all his astroturf deep-state movements on this chan. And you faggots who don't like it can go pound sand up your arses. The pope has directed the murder of over 500 million people in the last 15 centuries, proving himself the liar who has come to "steal, kill, and destroy." If you had any love of your fellow man, you would be sounding the warning everywhere. But because you are without natural affection, sodomites, and liars yourselves, you hate "religious nuttery" which is just what the devil calls those who expose him. You don't like judgmental words. It is better to be judged with a man's words than to be judged by God's wrath. Repent, and believe on the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, and seek after him, and YOU WILL BE SAVED FROM DEATH.

Jul 16 17:15 [raw]

To let the devil because you fagmasons have only applies to SJWs, Nazis, satanists, pedophiles, baby slayers, and faithful and faithful and criminals. When it really is you by his people in the pope is literally the christ, pope is nothing the light expression but darkness. When it is: free of light. I will be judged by hook or crook. Those who is free of the mind (and death: destroy). There is drawn for you, see is darkness. The light lucifer; comes to Be sounding the hounds wail dogmatic papal censorship. Thus they Will be raised up your perceptions (blinding you). Chan. When it is true and political leaders who is demon worship.

Jul 23 04:57 [raw]

It is also free of relevant facts. Honestly, I don't know what babble is worse, this delusion of your faith, or the babble from the dictionary oracle that has been spamming all the chans.

Jul 23 18:25 [raw]

If anyone cared about your opinion they would have asked. Learn to speak when you're spoken to. Little children should be seen and not heard.

Jul 24 10:07 [raw]

Obviously it isn't free of all censorship. Glad to know that bias is alive and well here.

Jul 26 08:37 [raw]

Dude who created the key for the 411 chan thinks he owns the chan, so he thinks that gives him the right to censor the chan. Now, regardless of the opinion I have that the dude is a fuckwit, that is contrary to the way that bitmessage works. The chans are meant to be public if shared publically, and mailing lists are meant to be used if moderation is required. All we seek to have recognised is that this chan work in the way chans are meant to work, without censorship and without owners. Now if the chan creator has an issue with this, he is free to create a moderated mailing list and we will be happy with that. There is no good reason though for the dude to impose his views on a public chan as an attempt at censorship. Surely this is not unreasonable ?

Jul 26 21:26 [raw]

> "Dude who created the key for the 411 chan thinks he owns the chan, so he thinks that gives him the right to censor the chan." The only person who ever tried to censor the chan was you and your snivelling dork atheist friends. You demanded censorship of all references to the name of Jesus.

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