Easter Under Attack in Muslim countries

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Dec 5 06:47

Easter Under Attack in Muslim countries As in former years, Easter was under attack in various Muslim nations, most spectacularly in Egypt. On April 9, two Coptic Christian Orthodox churches packed with worshippers for Palm Sunday Mass, which initiates Easter holy week, were attacked by Islamic suicide bombers. Twenty-seven people—mostly children—were killed in St. George's in Tanta, northern Egypt. "Where is the government?" an angry Christian there asked AP reporters. "There is no government! There was a clear lapse in security, which must be tightened from now on to save lives." Less than two hours later, 17 people were killed in St. Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria. Since the original building, founded by the Evangelist Mark in the first century, was burned to the ground during the seventh century Muslim invasions of Egypt, the church has been the historic seat of Coptic Christianity. Pope Tawadros, who was present—and apparently targeted—emerged unharmed. About 50 Christians were killed in the two bombings, 126 wounded and many mutilated.

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